Live-in For The First Time ??

All this while you must be thinking, what is live-in? how it works and related questions. Well, here this article is not meant to answer this kind of questions since this article is no encyclopedia or a school/college text book to define things.
Since we will be living in with people, this topic becomes very subjective to draw any baseline and come to a conclusion.
But this article will definitely make an honest and humble attempt to throw you some insight about the pros and cons, the advantages and the compromises that will be faced while living in.
Live - in with the partners, with an agreed upon arrangement to share the responsibilites, are helpful particularly for the people who are new to the geography of the location.
With living -in comes lots of thoughts behind..

1. Choosing the right live-in partner - When  we advertise or throw open for a live - in partner, please don't be in a hurry to make a commitment to share without agreeing on few arrangements that the live in partners need to follow. There has to be some ground rules set and realized by both the parties. Of course this arrangement should be flexible to change and should not be another school like environment.

2. Once started living - in, the partners need to respect the other person's personal space. CO-OPERATION is a must to have a successful living-in.

3. What ever the issue the person is facing from their live-in partner, the same needs to be communicated and discussed with each other before the tolerance level crosses beyond the limit and giving no options for the live-in partners to separate.

4. One must understand that live-in partners are not partners for sharing their bed with each other. There are many things beyond this. So never have this filter of live-in partner. They are for sharing everything resulting in reduction of the burden which would have increased if stayed single.

5. Comprimising on few things between your live-in partners would be very encouraging for a healthy and long lasting relationship. One must learn to understand the other person's emotions, since both of them are new to this lifestyle and since there is no bondage, the partners will be more viable to losing their temper and allowing their egos to take the front step and harming the partnership.

6. Living -in is a non-committal committment towards each other. There won't be any commitment as they are free to move out anytime but still they should be committed to each other as long as they live together.

Going with the above points discussed, we hope that this article will help people venturing into living-in, a healthy and long lasting relationship. We do not claim this to be a solution but surely will GUIDE YOU FOR THE BEST BEGINNING !

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  1. Awesome article. I was a little apprehensive in chosing a live-in partner. Now i am successfully compeleting 1 week of live - in after reading this article. kudos to the team !

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