Cyclical fashion- Make hearts flutter by recycling clutter!

Fashion is an ever-changing concept that keeps spreading and growing at an unbelievable rate. Before you realize it, your most priced possessions end up contributing to the pile of clutter. Interestingly, fashion has a cyclical concept where trends from yesteryear revisit and create a similar buzz yet again!
Preserving clothes for the retreating trend to revisit again is not practical, but how about some minor alterations? I never knew how these fashion statements for women could be created out of your simple clothing clutter until I doctored some of my sister’s old clothes that were kept away in self storage. Here’s a brief lowdown on some of my rewarding experiments, which made her look chic within seconds:

1. Leather bow bracelet
I wouldn't think of wearing leather outfits in the hot summer months in London! You can however, create a bonny bow bracelet for yourself with leather. Team this bracelet with denim dresses or jumpsuits to sizzle and look your best! Follow the following steps to create your own special leather bow bracelet:
  •  Grab any old leather clothing that you’re planning to get rid of
  • Cut out a big oval shaped piece out of it
  • Create a bow out of the piece by using your fingers to pinch the middle and tie it with a thread
  •  Stick the small band of leather over the thread using glue
  •   On each end of the bow, sew or glue a snap button and your bracelet is ready
2. Summer scarf

Summers and scarves are now seen as a sassy combination! You can make a scarf out of any old large T-shirt that has been put away for storage in your old cupboards or secure self storage. Follow the steps below to create your own pretty summer scarf:

  •  Cut out a tube top, by leaving out the sleeves and neck part of your T-shirt
  •    Cut out small 1-inch strips such that each strip resembles a necklace
  •    Leave out one strip and gather the rest together and stretch them
  •    Tie the strips together with the strip you just left out and your scarf is ready!
3. Cropping old jeans
Many times we dump our old, unloved jeans into cupboards or else they keep lying forgotten in self-storage units. I discovered one such pair of old jeans that were lying in a self-storage in London. I cropped them and came up with comfortable clam diggers for myself. You can always hem those jeans and if the unfinished hem looks scraggly, trim the longest ends and leave your cropped jeans looking tidy. Swap out the buttons and jazz up your cropped jeans with mismatched buttons!

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