How to overcome the feeling of being FAILED !

FAILURE, this word is very subjective as one may feel that he/she as a failure because the person could not score marks in the exam.

For some other person , a failure could be when the person did not crack an interview or when his/her beloved rejected the love proposal. Likewise the failure can be defined in many ways based on the situation the person is going through.But the bottomline about all these definitions which is common is, the feeling which the person undergoes after failing.

That feeling of failure is very painful to the person who is going through it.It feels like the person is suffocated to death thinking about the loss the person is going through.Sometimes the failure can be because of himself/herself and sometimes the failure can be because of luck.

This phase of being guilty is the worst feeling any person can go through.

Here are few points which can help the person to overcome this feeling of being failed.

1. Always talk to the person with whom you are very comfortable and whom you can trust.

2. Never hide any of your negative emotions within yourself for a long time because the more you hide your emotions, the more you allow your guilt to grow within which leads to many undesired psychological and health issues.

3. Time once lost can never be played back to correct it. But we can make sure that to avoid such failures in future.

4. Always think in a broader sense. What you may have lost, maybe was not intended for you. Taking it in a positive attitude will help you feel stronger.

5. Always make sure  to forget the negative aspect of any situation, take things as an experience which should only help you when you face a similar situation in future.

6. Never get into a depression thinking of the same episode again and again. Get a diversion from the environment, by either taking a break from the routine or meditating should be the best option.

7. Always remember any healing can only start from within yourself. Any supplements cannot be helpful until your mind accepts that things would only change for good.

We understand going through any bad situation is very tough and just by reading some lines can never change the situation that we are going through but by getting some good thoughts into your mind after reading this article will definitely help you in coming out of the bad phase much quicker.

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  1. Its True.I want to add some more point,We Need assurance from the beloved ,time will change every thing (Positive attitude) never compare to others at that time.These are the things may overcome the frustration.

  2. we appreciated you for following the articles posted on our site. We would want you to continue reading the articles and respond to it regularly.
    Regarding the above comments, the bottom line is what ever be the reason for the cause of failure, sink the feeling very soon and try getting out of that feeling.
    Things are not that easy as they as they are said. But we have to console ourself and keep moving ahead.
    Our attitude should be like fire, always looking up and never looking down.try matching a match stick and hold it down, the flames of fire will come upwards.

    Happy reading !

  3. Great article. Thank you. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years and supplements and meds are great but they do only mask the problem. Like putting a bandaid on a cut. You still have to come to terms with the failures or things you cant change in your life and think positive on the ones that you can change. Put the rest of it to rest!

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