Balancing Your Work Life and Personal Life: Six Tips on Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Balancing work and personal life is difficult today. Employers expect more. Employees are willing to work harder to meet expectations. This can affect personal relationships and create stress every day. Six tips will help to balance work and personal life so healthy relationships are possible.

Do Not Bring Work Home
Work should not be taken home at the end of the day. It is better to plan to stay at work for a little extra time. Taking work home can disrupt an entire day or weekend. It also starts a pattern that is hard to break in the future. Time away from work should always be personal time.

Live In the Moment
A healthy relationship can be ruined when a person is constantly thinking about work or dealing with feelings of guilt about not working while at home. One way to combat this is to live in the moment. This means engaging with a loved one and not thinking about work or work-related issues during the time together.

Keep Separate Cell Phones

A good way to balance work and personal life is to maintain separate phones. Two cell phones will allow one device to be dedicated exclusively to work and work-related contacts. A separate Samsung Galaxy from Bell can then be used exclusively for friends and family. Keeping separate phones will prevent work from interfering during personal time.

Delegate at Home and at Work
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Problems at work or home can arise when there is simply too much to do in the time that is available. A way to handle this is to delegate. Delegating could mean passing jobs to another team member or asking neighbors to handle community tasks. This will create more free time for healthy relationships.

Schedule Time with Loved Ones
Scheduling free time with loved ones makes it easier to get away from work. It provides something to anticipate during the week. It also provides a clear division between work and home life. It is often good to schedule dates with loved ones several times a week.

Just Say No
The final tip is to learn to say no. Some employers will continually ask employees to take on new responsibilities that require increasingly more time to complete. This can take away from time off. Just saying no will prevent an employer from dominating free personal time.

Developing a healthy relationship requires time and attention. Work responsibilities should never be allowed to destroy a relationship. Most successful people in the world have been able to succeed without sacrificing personal time. The right balance will encourage healthy relationships without alienating employers. 

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