Waistcoat Fashion Tips for Men

A man's waistcoat is a classic garment that will never date. Slipping on a quality waistcoat is a quick and convenient image change that will often mark you out from the crowd.

  • A well-fitted waistcoat is long enough in the front to cover the man’s waist with no dress shirt showing between the belt and the vest. 
  • The sides and back must be cut a little higher, and may show some shirt; be sure to wear a well-fitted shirt tucked in tightly to avoid fabric “ballooning” out in little puffs from under the vest.  They look silly and draw attention to the waist, which most of us don’t need.
  • The shoulders of the vest should always lie flat against your body and below any collar points. 
  • If you’re wearing the vest with a suit coat, the V-shape of the vest should be narrower enough that the suit lapels don’t hide it entirely.
  • Keep in mind that the bottom button of a waistcoat should always be left undone – the top button may be left undone as well however it’s optional.  The tradition is more than a hundred years old and stems from the same rules applying to jackets. 

Men waistcoats are worn for many occasions by a wide cross-section of characters. But mainly we can separate it into two categories.
Here are the two main Looks for men.

Businessman Style

It's vital the man in business must look smart. Presenting yourself to clients and customers is all about confidence in your product/service, and confidence in yourself. A formal/semi-formal waistcoat is a businessman's favorite because it imbues the wearer with the appearance of professionalism and gravitas.

The three-piece suit is here to give you a classy MAN look. With the right fit – slim rather than boxy or baggy – the look becomes natty, not stuffy, even with the classic banker’s chalk stripe.
Choose a softly striped white or a plain white shirt: it’s a classic that works both at the office and at an evening event.
Keep your look monochromatic: your waistcoat and suit should be cut from the same cloth and match exactly.
If you’re going to wear a dark three-piece suit, you may as well go the whole hog: get one with a subtle chalk-stripe pattern. For more details on suits you can check our article
Classic, simple, no fuss.

Casual Look
Match up a loose fitting waistcoat with an old shirt with its sleeves rolled up, and add a pair of distressed jeans. It’s a modern update of a traditional, almost scholarly look. Just because you’re dressing casually doesn’t mean you can’t still look dapper
Pick up a kurta shirt to keep things cool – it’s trendy yet relaxed. We like the contrasting cuff detail on this one.
Just keep it simple and Stylish .Black / Navy work especially well with grey. Get one with an adjustable waist cinch at the back for the right fit.
Go for a distressed pair to play down the waistcoat’s smartness.
Finish off with a pair of utility style sandals or a pair of Casual shoes.

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