How to beat the stress at work !

In the current lifestyle, many of us want things to be done without actually taking any physical strain. We want to become rich without hard work. We want all the gizmos, technology, luxury everything handy without any physical activity. I don't say this mindset is wrong but at the same we are making a trade off with the health in this process. Most of the things which earlier required us to get up, go out of the house and look for the things, have become online. Just few clicks in the computer, we get all the things at your doorstep. In this process, many IT and IT related employees are spending lot of hours in front of the computer to achieve this objective. They are learning, they are earning at the same time, they are losing their health.

Some of the common IT related stress are as listed:

1. Firstly, the eyes gets stressed out.

2. Followed by hands and shoulders.
3. Then it radiates to neck.
4. Right behind, is your upper back and the lower back.
5. Then your legs and feet.
6. Finally, the mastermind, it gets stressed out !

Here are the below suggested exercises which can help you reduce your stress to a greater extent. These exercises needs no extra effort from your routine lifestyle.You need not have to hit the gym for all these exercises. After all, you are too busy to spend time on all these activities.

For your eyes Only:

1. Every half an hour, try looking at distant objects which are at least about 10 foot distance from your current place. Try reading the text which are at this distance. By doing so, your focal length would not be fixed and you tend to change the focus of your eyes. We unknowing would have got deep into the monitor and our eyes would be strained without our notice.
2. Use both your forefingers and massage your eyes, on the top of your eyes below the eye brow and near the dark circles area, in the clockwise direction for 1 minute, 5 times a day. By doing so, your blood circulation will increase and the number which indicates whether you are short sighted or long sighted, will reduce significantly making your eyes normal, in the due course of time.
3. Keep your eyes moist. Don’t allow it to dry. Wash your face every 1 hour with normal water and wash your eyes particularly.

Hands and shoulders:

1. Loosen your hands and shoulders when you take a break when you go to pantry to get a dose of caffeine

2. At your desk itself, massage your palm, wrist, with the other hand, starting from ankle till the tip of each finger.


1. Make sure you just move your neck, left and right, up and down and sometimes, circular movements in clockwise and anti clockwise direction.
2. Place your hand behind the neck and try releasing the pressure of your neck by pressing your head against your hands.

Upper back and lower back:

1. Make sure your posture of sitting is correct. Posture also plays a role in inducing pain to your back. Use a proper rest back seats.

2. At your seat itself, try rotating your body to 90-100 degrees without moving the chair, thereby giving some exercise to your back.

Legs and feet:

1. Generally people working in IT and IT related industry, will work in multi-storied buildings. Always try to take the stairs for at least 5 floors.Your legs needs some exercise. Don't be lazy in climbing up the stairs.

2. Try taking short breaks every 1 hour and walk around the floor and come back to your desk soon.
3. For people wearing heals on their feet, suggested recommendation would be to remove your shoes/stilettos at your desk and work.Wear them back when you need to walk. As long as you are seated, remove the shoes/stilettos.

Relaxing the mind:

1. Sleeping during the office hours is not recommended. But close your eyes for 10 minutes and look deep into the dark when you close your eyes.By doing so, you are actually suspending the thoughts/stress off your mind which is a kind of meditation.

2. Make sure to sleep for at least 6 hours a day. The body and mind both needs rest.

The above mentioned suggestions are just to name a few which does not require you to make any extra effort or does not need any additional supplement. There are many more exercises but these mentioned are with no additional baggage’s at the work place. Follow the above mentioned suggestions to help you relieve your stress from the routine office work and thereby you are trying to be more efficient at work as well. Have a healthy mind and a healthy atmosphere even at work place.

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