Holding The BABY in Your Arm FOR THE FIRST TIME !

There is no better feeling for a parent than to hold their baby in the arm and watch its early few gestures which the baby makes. Nothing in this world can make a parent feel happy to see their infant responding to their parent. Here below are few things to know about holding a baby in the arm for the first time. Always a parent would not want their baby to be hurt in any way. But since the parent is also quite new to this experience, the below points mentioned can be very helpful for the parent in experiencing this joy without any fear in mind.

1. Hold the baby in such a way that your left hand should be under the baby's head and your right hand under the baby's bottom. If you are left hander, do the same the other way around.

2. Lift the baby towards you making a C curve (like a cradle) in the scooping motion.

3. After lifting the baby, bring the baby closer to your body in such a way that the baby's head should rest against your chest and then slowly and carefully move your hands from the baby's head and shift the support of your hands from the back of baby's head to your arms.

4. Now slowly move your left hand towards the baby's bottom and make yourself comfortable holding the baby using both the hands for extra support.

5. When holding the baby for the first time, try sitting down and take the help of someone to place the baby in your scooped arms. By doing so, you too won't be nervous and scared of holding the baby and feeling that you might hurt the baby and maybe even drop the baby.

6. Its always better to be confident yourself first and then go closer to the baby as the baby cannot communicate to you whether you are handling correctly or not but it’s better not to risk in this regard.

7. The top skull portion of the newly born babies will be very soft. Be very careful when holding the baby’s head.

8. The head won't be stable as the newly born babies have very less muscle control. So make sure to support the baby's head carefully and properly till the baby is for at least 6-7 months old.

With the above mentioned points, I hope the baby is in your safest hands and you too are confident holding the baby for the first time without having the fear and nervousness of hurting or dropping the baby. Holding the baby is the best feeling anyone can experience and to see the baby happy in your arms is no words to explain. It can only be experienced. So, for all the people holding the baby for the first time, follow the above mentioned points and experience this priceless experience !

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  1. Hii, there awesome Blog there! I am glad I read the posts :) You seem to express your feelings in such a nice manner :) I am impressed by the way to seem to pen things down. Yeah holding the baby the very first time is a daunting task, mixed with a bit of restlessness, emotions, love, care & you exemplified things in a beautiful way. Thanks, take care


  2. Really a proud full moment for a parent to hold their baby in arm for the first time, it gives a sweet pleasure, as a parent I was wondering how much of happiness gained parent during their new baby born.

    But the fact is that does every parents are known with the process how to hold a baby, I was really to know about these facts by following the above article, wondering to make the dreams comes true.

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