4 Things to Experience on Your Summer Road Trip This Year

The windows are down, the music is loud, and the tank is full as you embark on your summer road trip. To get as much enjoyment out of your road trip as possible, give it some forethought and be prepared. Here are four things to give attention to on your summer road trip and how to really, truly experience them.

4. The Freedom of the Drive

Writing for howstuffworks.com, Garth Sundem aptly stated, "The cardinal rule
of road trips is to do what thou whilst – it's your open road, your freedom and your chance to do everything you want to do and very little that you don't." Don't burden yourself with a rigid plan and unforgiving timetable. Make unplanned stops, following your whims wherever they take you. Try getting mildly lost. You might end up somewhere you didn't know you wanted to go.
It isn't all glory and fun, however. You need tools for staving off boredom when you're in the car. Good company and pretty scenery aren't always enough. Have some simple games ready that you can play when restlessness starts to set in. I Spy and 20 Questions are always reliable for some emergency entertainment.

3. The Knowledge of the Natives

Along the way, you will meet a plethora of people. Take the opportunity to talk to the locals. They will have knowledge of nearby attractions, good places to eat, and shopping locations with good prices. They may even be able to regale you with local folklore. Stories are always a blast to hear!

2. The Richness of the Places

While freely meandering has its merits, there is value in having some stops preplanned. For the places you plan to visit, do some research. For natural attractions, research things like who discovered it, what famous people have visited, and when during the day is the best time to visit. For manmade attractions, find out who built it, when it was built, and what makes it unique. Doing this will add layers of richness to your experience.
You should also know if anything special is going on during the time you will be passing through an area. Will there be any festivals, parades, or other local traditions? How about concerts?
It's one thing to enjoy rockin' out to your favorite tunes while riding in the car, but it is a different story to see some of your favorite bands live in person. Enjoy some folk music by getting your Mumford and Sons tickets early, or catch another band by knowing where they will be and when they will be there.

1. The History of Your Trip

It has already been mentioned that you should have knowledge of the places you are going to visit, but what about the history of your trip? That is, are you going to take the time to make concrete memories out of your summer road trip? Take pictures, collect items for your scrapbook, and maybe even write a blog. You want to remember every delicious thing you experience on your trip.
As you plan your summer road trip, let the anticipation take you over, and make sure you get the most out of  your trip by fully experiencing the four things mentioned above. 

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