First Time Playing Pool? Here are the Tips For You

If you are going to play the Pool for the first time and of course you don’t know how to play it, then this topic is definitely is going to help you before you jump into the game with the Cue stick.

Know the game you're playing: This is the first thing you must know. You should not end up pocketing one of your own pool balls because you got the different type of pool games mixed up. Make sure you know what version of pool you are playing.

Recognize the important pool balls:  The important pool balls are the two balls that will be easy to shoot on your next shot. Make sure not to knock in a pool ball that's by the 8-ball unless it is the last ball.

Pick a Cue which has a comfortable weight: If you take a heavier one then your arm will tire and the shots will be less accurate. On the contrary if you take a lighter one then you will not have the momentum of the cue helping to strike the Cue ball firmly. Make sure your Cue tip is not damaged or warped. Take the one that is slightly domed in shape. Ensure that the ferrule is not loose. If cue is improperly glued it will not give a proper hit to the cue ball .

Chalk the cue tip before your shot: The Cube shaped chalk usually sitting around the edge of the table. Don't twist it onto the top of the cue, use more of a painting type motion. Remember, chalk the cue, and don’t cue the chalk! Be careful wielding your Cue stick. You can poke someone’s eyes out.

Hold the Cue correctly:  If you're right-handed, hold the thick end of the cue in your right hand. Find the spot where when holding the cue with your right hand palm up, the cue is evenly balanced. Then hold it about an inch behind that spot. There are many ways that people hold the front end of the cue for support. Here are some positions which would help you .As a beginner try to do what is comfortable for you.
Your left foot must be forward and your right foot back about 1 to 2 feet with your body slightly twisted to the left so it does not interfere with the cue stroke. Don’t stand very close to the table.

Take a Couple of Practice Shots: Practice before you jump into the real game. Check out the cue as you stroke .Make the hit at the center to get a better knowledge on the ball movement. Don’t hit the cue ball at the lower part to avoid ball jump.

Focus on the correct hit: As a first timer, every little extra thing you try to do will adversely affect your accuracy. Just hit the cue in the middle. Before every single shot you should take 2 or 3 practice strokes and then follow through.

Walk around the table and look at all the balls before taking a shot: Look where you want to have your cue ball positioned for your next shot. If you want it in the right spot, you need to know where the right cue shot is. Always keep this pool playing tip in mind when playing.

Get in touch with a Pool Instructor: A sound advice at beginning stage can help you  to avoid the frustration and enjoy the game more. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You can improve your game effectively by consulting with certified pool instructors on billiard education sites and also you can take the help of You Tube too.

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