The Trendiest Desserts For Your Greatest Enjoyment

Even if you do have your favorite dessert or even a set of desserts, it would be difficult to look for reasons not to expand your horizon and discover new wonderful sweets. Luckily, new desserts are being invented or at least improved daily. Hence, take a quick look at what dessert trends this season is bringing and, hopefully, add more to your list of favorites.

The rise of macaron

Some years ago, it was macaron that became an extremely trendy dessert all of a sudden.  This meringue-based sweet with different fillings has multiple variations depending on the region (France, Switzerland, etc.) and yet seems to be equally liked in all the countries it has made an appearance. Although these days it is seldom considered a novelty, it serves as a great – as well as delicious! – example of a dessert which was once extremely trendy and still highly liked till this day.

Good old pies are back

Interestingly – or, well, naturally – pies are big in 2013 and will be big next year. What kind of pies? Well, all kinds, in fact! From basic blueberry pies to more complicated cake-like layered ones, from traditional apple pies to “experimental” ones with exotic fruits inside. Essentially, do not be afraid of seemingly weird mixes (cinnamon and papaya – why not?) and create your own recipes. Green grapes or avocado inside: as long as it is a pie, it is definitely in this season.

Food on sticks? Food on sticks!

One of the new reoccurring trends this season is various desserts on sticks. Not just ice-cream: s’mores, deep-fried ice-cream, cinnamon rolls, apple-pomegranate pie pops, even thick ginger cookies – apparently, placing your favorite desserts on a stick is highly trendy this season. Moreover, such a placement of desserts allows for perfect party snacks since they are easy to carry around and can even turn into a trendy theme party attribute if you only push your imagination. Stick or no stick dilemma is solved, at least this season.

Go crazy with delicious one-bite baked goodies

Sweet news for one-bite dessert fans – they are back, and they are wild! Now, instead of putting Oreo brownies into gourmet gift baskets for your friends, place some Oreo cheesecakes, s’more fudge bars that last long, cream puffs with chocolate sauce, or some raspberry-almond fold-overs there. Just like with desserts on sticks, this season is definitely the right time to throw some crazy ingredients together and see what happens. Fold-overs with marshmallows and Nutella inside or mini peanut butter cup cheesecakes – there is no way these one-bite desserts will leave someone indifferent.

Even if you are no chasing fashion…

Trends in foods might seem like a slightly strange concept, yet it is one that can help you enrich your ordinary life with pretty sweet things. Sometimes, an unexpected combination of ingredients can produce an unexpectedly great result. Therefore, it is definitely worth to once in a while check out what the trends are, especially in desserts, to make sure not to miss anything truly tasty.

This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger interested in health, fitness and food related topics. When she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment.

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