Parenting the Parents..

Its about taking care of your parents !

Have you ever wondered, as you grow stronger physically with age, your strenght increases, you feel more powerful.You feel like you have the courage in you and can win the world with your power.

At the same time have you ever given a thought that as you grow stronger and powerful, your parents are getting older and physically weaker..?

When we were kids, we did not know how to speak, how to walk or rather when we were hungry we did not even straight away tell our parents that we were hungry. But still we were so demanding even without all these things.

We simply would shout out loud and our parents happily satisfied us with food when we were hungry. We did not even say that we were feeling cold but they automatically protected us with clothing to keep us warm and safe.

I don't want to remind you all about the risk your mother would have taken in giving birth to you and feeding you. But I would just want you, to give a thought about this and be responsible towards your parents as well. I always believe that life is a mirror. You will get back what you give it.

Today you forget about the duties and tomorrow you will repent about the things that you failed to notice which were once yours and now its gone forever. Being guilty at that stage is the worst thing to happen for anyone.

When you have the power, strenght and money with you, it is obvious to feel proud of yourself and forget about the people who were with you during this process of making. You might feel, sharing these things with your parents is just a waste of time as they no more are in a position to understand you because of this so called generation gap.

But trust me friends, your parents understood you when you did not even know how to speak. How can you ever think that they don't understand you now? They very well understand you and worry constantly till their last breath thinking about your well being.

Alright now being logical, let me put it this way. As your parents grow older, they become weaker physically and emotionally. They would have less patience but more ego. They would be very rigid in their thoughts since they cannot accept the fact that they are getting dependent on others in one way or the other.

We being stronger physically now should be more patient towards them and have less ego. We can easily get rid of them and walk away from them when things won't go as expect it to happen as we are stronger and confident. But its not the same with the parents.

They are weak relatively in all sense of this word as they are older. They have no other option but to remain silent and wage war against themselves silently to accept and let things go.

The amount of sacrifices they would have done in bringing you up to what you are today can only be realized by you when your kid questions back to you as to what you did to them..? That time, trust me, would be very hard for you as the history repeats but only thing is, not many of us would be fortunate enough to correct our mistakes by going to your parents and say how foolish and sorry they are for what mindset they had towards them.

Parents are like banyan trees. They are very broad minded and may forgive you for your mistakes but forgetting things would be very difficult.

So here, I won't give any suggestions to get things corrected because if you are reading this article, it means you can understand what I am clearly trying to say from this article. Being a little more sensitive and caring towards your parents would no way affect you. But infact world will respect you more for that attitide of yours towards your parents.

I won't say what can happen by being the way as mentioned above and bringing down the number of old age homes and things like that. But by being like what  mentioned above, trust me, the peace of mind you derive from this is priceless and the amount of happiness that you see in your parents is beyond words to explain.

Give a thought to this article and share this with your friends. This may not get you money in sharing but you yourself will be very happy and proud to see someone making his/her parents happy after reading this article.

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