Making A House Move Easier On Your Kids

If you are moving home for the first time since you’ve had kids, or for the first time since they were smaller, trouble free babies, planning your move with the kids in mind can save a great deal of stress and heartache over the long run. Here are some key considerations to take on board when moving with kids to make their experience more positive and yours less stressful.

• Consider their emotionsIt’s easy in the flurry of activity that surrounds a move to forget your kids will be feeling strong emotions about the process themselves. From missing their friends to apprehension about their new school, it’s a tough time for kiddies and you need to bear this in mind. Help them collect email addresses or phone numbers of their closest friends, and if you can let them go for a visit at their new school to help them feel better about things.

• Let them helpKids always respond better to any situation if they feel that they are involved, rather than just a bystander who is having something done to them. Let them view houses with you, involve them in decision making processes and let them take charge of packing up their room and sorting old toys. If there are toys they no longer want, you could suggest they give them to some of their friends as mementos, or sell them for some extra pocket money.

• On moving dayThe actual move itself is not a great environment for kids as it will be busy, noisy and disruptive, so if possible pack them off to a friend or relatives for the day to keep them out of harm’s way. If this is not possible keep them busy with an inventory to tick off, and the job of checking cupboards and areas for any forgotten possessions. This keeps them occupied and involved in the move. It  is always good to hire moving specialist like removals company London to help through the relocation. This keeps the entire process organized and stress-free.  

• At the new houseIf the kids arrive with you, make sure you have kept a couple of their boxes to the back of the moving van and get them off first. Take your child to their room and let them unpack one or two of their own boxes, and leave them to play with their toys in safety whilst you start to unload everything else. If they didn’t come with you on moving day, you can make it a really nice surprise for them by getting their room all ready for their return. Even if the rest of the house is still in a state, make some time to unpack their favorite things, set up their furniture and make it look welcoming. You could even consider buying a few new toys or new bedding set to make the room seem homier.

• AfterwardsRemember your child is a human being, and as much as you’ll want to be busy getting the new house the way you want it, it is important to make time for them too. Spend some quality time taking a walk around your new area, or exploring the local shops and parks. Find out if any of your neighbors have kids, and if they do see if any want to come to a tea party to make friends with your kids.    

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