Six inspiring female fashion icons of 2013

Six inspiring female fashion icons -VBCelebrities are pictured regularly and are under pressure to look their best while carving out an individual style. With so many well-dressed female celebrities on the scene, it's difficult to narrow it down to just six, but here's our pick of the best this year.

1.   Victoria Beckham

The singer turned fashion designer has been at the forefront of the style stakes for many years and has now turned her know how to her own upmarket range of clothes. Her signature look is based around tailored or fitted items, high heels and incredible accessories such as statement sunglasses and designer handbags. With her outfits creating envy in girls everywhere, the queen of style loves body contoured dresses, smart variations on the classic suit and well-cut designs in neutral colours.

2.   Olivia Palermo

Never straying from the best dressed celebrity lists, Olivia Palermo is an individual style icon and a lady who manages to pull off a huge variety of different looks effortlessly. Whether sporting casual chic or red-carpet glamour, she always looks elegant, yet fashionable. 

3.   Diane Kruger

With her impeccable and very classic style, Diane Kruger is the epitome of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour. Favoring individual, flattering and feminine styles, like those found at .The A-list actress rarely puts a fashion foot wrong and is admired the world over. With her sleek hair and equally polished clothing choices, Kruger dazzles whatever she wears. 

4.   Freida Pinto

Often spotted about town both dressed up and dressed down, the Slumdog Millionaire star always looks dressed to impress. Favoring skinny jeans for daytime and full length gowns for a special night, Pinto has nailed the casual look and looks equally comfortable in evening wear.

5. Kate Middleton

A real life fairytale, the ordinary girl who became a princess! Since she first appeared in the spotlight, the Duchess of Cambridge has stolen the show with her conservative, elegant styleand dedication to both big name designers and high-street labels. The Duchess opts for jeans and boots when dressing down or glams things up a few notches for an event by wearing sparkling creations, often by top young British designers.

6. Alexa Chung
The model turned TV presenter is another celebrity whose style we covet, especially since she puts her own twist on fashion, resulting in an altogether individual look, which is authentic and quirky. Whether she wears cut-off denim shorts or a vintage tea dress, Chung always looks effortlessly cool. Preferring casual items like biker boots, denim jackets and floaty dresses, she is the poster girl for British fashion and makes style seem easy.

2012 has certainly been a fantastic year for glorious fashion and our celebrity style icons continue to shine when it comes to inspiring us ordinary folk to put our own spin on more affordable versions of the beautiful pieces they wear with such flair.

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Donna baxter writes regularly on various aspects of fashion and lifestyle for a range of websites and blogs. With a huge interest in style and celebrity, she boasts an extensive shoe collection, which she adds to regularly, never able to resist the lure of shiny new shoes!

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