Three Male Celebrity Grooming Secrets

Sometimes it seems like the grooming and beauty industry caters entirely to women, and that male grooming products and tools are somewhat overlooked. The Art of Shaving in Salem, New Hampshire is changing that with functional, stylish shaving tools and grooming products designed specifically with men's skincare needs in mind. Use these three celebrity grooming secrets to enhance your own skin and hair care regimen, and stop by The Art of Shaving to stock up on the essential tools for a clean and polished look. 

Get Rid of Unwanted Hairs

There are places you want hair, and places you don’t. One of the single most age-betraying grooming issues is ear and nose hair, and nothing will make you look older than you are faster than letting these strays slide. George Clooney’s stylist, Diane Schmidtke, says that she keeps him looking youthful by making sure the inevitable ear and nose hair is kept in check with good quality tweezers and scissors, and these tools should be a part of every man’s toiletry kit

Lather Up

Men can sometimes shy away from using facial skincare products, but once you start you’ll be amazed at how clear and young your skin looks. To keep skin from drying out, celebrity stylist Natalia Bruschi recommends a daily moisturizer and sunscreen. These two components are absolutely essential, and there’s no reason to be reticent about lathering on these useful products to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Especially for men who work outdoors, daily facial skincare is important to maintain a healthy appearance. 

Try starting with a basic moisturizer to be applied after shaving. You’ll immediately notice a difference in the feel and look of your skin, and the women in your life will notice as well. A good moisturizer will control shine throughout the day, and reduce dryness and itching. 

Change up Your Part

You probably have a part that falls naturally the same way every day, without needing any special styling. For important events like big dates or presentations, changing your part can give you a new look with no commitment. Stylist Natalia Bruschi accomplishes this on clients like Ryan Reynolds simply by parting hair to a different side than usual, or by styling hair in a tousled, straight-up style for clients who wear a daily part. Think of it like creating a temporary, alternate persona, and the only tools you need are a good quality comb and styling product.

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