Back Ache – Causes, Exercises to cure it

We might have heard a lot of people saying that they suffer from back ache. I’m sure most of us suffered(ing) from this deadly pain at least once in our life time.
So, what is this pain ?

This is the most common problem that human race is facing in the recent times.
Let’s get into details

What is Back Ache?
It’s a pain in your back area, precisely in and around the spinal cord region.  We usually get this pain if we strain the back area continuously. But, the pain is said to be a severe one if you are unable to sleep with it.

Types of Back Ache:
Based on the areas that usually strained, the back ache can be classified as three kinds.
1.    Neck Pain
2.    Middle Back Pain
3.    Lower Back Pain

Based on the duration of the pain, the classification is as follows:
1.    Acute (less than 4 weeks)
2.    Subacute (4 – 12 weeks)
3.    Chronic (greater than 12 weeks)

The Main reason being the muscular stretch/strain.
Any recent/past injury around the spine area.
It can be hereditary.
The occupation.
The unhealthy life style etc


1.Heat Therapy:
 This is a technique where, the heat is applied to the body in order to relieve from pain. It can be done in the form of wrapping a hot cloth, laying in hot water, Whirlpool baths(jacuzzi’s),ultra sound etc.
These help in stiffing the strained muscle tissues within and reduce the pain.

2.Cold Compression Technique:
It is a technique where they apply a pack of super cold pack to the affected areas and in turn reducing the pain.

3.Massage Therapy:
This was believed to be found by the Swedish. This is a process to get a temporary relief from the pain by massaging the specified area. This is should be worked out in presence of a highly experienced massage therapist.

This is a technique where the acu-pressure points which are located on the body will be stimulated using hands, legs, elbows in a way that which would result in the pain relief.

We all know how much work out can help us in curing literally anything.
Back ache is not an exception here.
There are few basic workouts that would help us in overcoming the pain, slowly but gradually.
Exercise 1 Stretching:
This is a basic exercise can also be called as warm up exercise is a easy way to get rid of the back pain.
Regular exercise is important to maintain the health and wellness of the body.
This improves the body to attain stamina, good posture, strength and flexibility.
The stretching exercises are the best thing you can do throughout the day.
Just take a break from your seat and start stretching, sounds easy right?
Well, it is. The more often you stretch the less is the chance of getting a pain.
Exercise 2 Neck:
Turn your neck from side to side without moving the shoulders or rest of the body. Do it while you stand straight. Try holding it for 4-5 seconds and repeat for thrice on each side.
Lower back Abdominal: sit on a chair and tighten your abdominal muscles by pulling them toward your spine (flatten them and avoid pushing them outward). Keep your chest relaxed and continue to breathe normally while you hold the abdominals tight for 10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times.
Lower back extension: stand up with your feet apart and place your palms on your lower back. Gently bend backwards, letting your back arch to a comfortable stretch. Pause 2-3 seconds, repeat 1-3 times.
Exercise 3: More tips to avoid the pain:

Sleeping postures when you have pain:
You should sleep without giving pressure on the back area. Make sure that your legs are placed a bit higher surface area than your back so that the back won’t be stretched so much.
Make use of pillows and quilts.
 After so many tips and advices,a healthy life style with no lazy attitude (both physically and mentally) would let you lead a back ache free life.

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