How can umbilical cord proves to be helpful for our own child in the later stage of her life?

A baby is a gift of god and it can bring a true joy to the families. Just by holding your your own baby you can feel the joy of parenthood but there are parents who are striving to have a baby of their own. Due to several reasons they could not cope up with it. Still today we were not aware about the gift of Umbilical cord blood of the nature to us. They can prove to the source of joy for other parents who are not being able to conceive. Again, they can a also be used for the same baby and parents in the future.

      Stem cells are the main contains of the Umbilical cord blood and they are quite critical in our body structure. They help in the formation of blood in our body and it includes the red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells. Again, bone marrow is the other contain of the stem cells. In case of diseases related to stem cells, these stem cells play a major role in the process of curing. Childhood cancers, sickle cell anemia, immune system disorders are some of the common diseases. These are generally treated with chemotherapy and radiation but in this process it also damages the good cells. So therefor in order to save the parents' life in such situations, stem cell transplant is the most ideal option.
       After the baby’s delivery, the mother’s body released placenta and the umbilical cord of the baby is clamped. Till today these are considered to be a waste but now its importance is understood. Now there is also an option for the storing of the umbilical cord blood, right after the birth of the baby. If you want you can a also donate it to someone else. 
       Umbilical cord blood  is known to be the best alternative of stem cells as they can be obtained easily and there is also no risk of transfer of diseases from the cord donor. During the process of transplantation both the child and mother remain safe thus this is considered to be a risk free process. The best part of this system is that if the baby suffered from stem cell diseases during the latter part of his life and required transmission of stem cells, then this cord blood will prove to be the exact match for it.

       Cord blood storage can give a promising future for parents who do not able to have their own baby. This is used as a regenerative medicine which usually includes continental problems, organ replacement and other diseases. In this kind of treatment the organs heal by themselves by simply the stimulation of the existing cells. It enables the scientists to develop artificial organs followed by translating them into the patient’s body.

      Umbilical cord blood banking has gained a lot of popularity nowadays and it also gives rise to several cord blood banks. They store blood in their bank and exchange it for a certain amount of annual fee.
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  1. Advantages of Saving Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood

    Saving stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood is a smart decision because stem cells are used in some critical medical treatments. Stem cells are currently used to help restore patients’ immune systems after treatment with radiation or chemotherapy for various cancers. This is important because radiation and chemotherapy destroy stem cells as well as cancer cells. Another important reason it is valuable to save stem cells from cord blood is because scientists are researching new medical uses for stem cells.

    At Americord we strive to make banking stem cells as affordable as possible. We are the only family cord blood bank headquartered in New York City and we serve all 50 states.

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