The Ultimate Italian holiday

When it's cold, dark and wintery outside then many of us turn our thoughts to our holidays, desperate for some sunshine, relaxation and adventures to look forward to. Long days at work, endless routines with the children, paying the bills and doing your chores can sometimes make everyday life feel a little monotonous. That's why taking a well-deserved break is a good idea, to recharge your batteries, switch off from your responsibilities and return home feeling refreshed and ready for some new challenges.
Deciding on your destination is probably one of the first things to do. If you are looking for somewhere steeped in history and culture, with beautiful scenery and delicious food, then you can't beat Italy as a choice of destination. At the heart of the Mediterranean, Italy is full of places to explore and visit, friendly people and internationally recognized landmarks. For a really luxurious vacation, a yacht charter is the perfect way to get around, taking in the sights and seeing plenty of the country during your vacation.

Where to visit
your yacht charter is likely to start off in Naples, a charming city which is a must-see for travellers of any age. From here you can reach the Amalfi Coast in around a day, revelling in the magnificent 50km coastline strewn with fabulous hillside towns, with houses and buildings seeming to be literally jumping out from the cliffs.

Another wonderful place to explore on your trip is Portofino. This small hilltop town offers spectacular scenery and amazing views and is bursting with traditional Italian cafes and restaurants, as well as smaller, boutique shops.

The beautiful island of Sardinia is a favourite with yachters, with its stunning coastlines, golden sands and amazing mountains. Home and work will feel like they are a million miles away as you soak up the sun, explore the island and lazily take in all the sights.

While you are on the water then it is only natural to pay a visit to Venice. You can cruise down the Grand Canal, seeing some of Venice's more spectacular sights and taking time out to stroll around the picturesque cobbled streets and admiring the world-famous architecture, before perhaps going to the iconic St Mark's square.

An on-board luxury
A yachting holiday is like being transported to another world. The ultimate in luxury and indulgence, you will be looked after by an experienced crew who will make sure your holiday is super comfortable and highly relaxing. If you are worried about your budget then it is still definitely worth checking out, as some yachts can be no more expensive than a cruise or high-end hotel. You will have privacy all the way though and be attended to by the staff. On luxury yachts then you will be fully catered for too, so there's no need to think about cooking or shopping. Most yachts have excellent facilities, spacious rooms and bathrooms or ensuites. There's usually plenty of entertainment on board too, with room for sunbathing and water sports equipment generally provided for your use.

Next time you are booking a holiday, perhaps you will think a little beyond the norm...
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