Getting Casual this Summer : Tips for Men and Women

The warmer months of the year are all about keeping things casual - this means blazers for men that can be paired with different t shirts and trousers, as well as high quality beach wear for Mediterranean and other holidays. Casual wear for women can also mean investing in a lot of layers and flexible outfits that give you the opportunity to experiment with different colours and looks. What, then, are some of the best items and outfits for getting casual in the Summer of 2013?

For men, casual blazers are one of the best ways to mix up your wardrobe for the Summer  - tailored blazers can be combined with everything from shorts through to printed T shirts, and form part of preppy and nautical styles - blazers with twill piping and chest pockets can also be found through companies like Blue Inc for a smarter look. In addition, you can try navy blue suits, and different styles of chinos if you want a more comfortable alternative to jeans. At the same time, it’s worth looking into the casual footwear option of espadrilles, which are slip on shoes.

While focusing on a casual look, it’s still important to keep things fitted and suitable for your body shape; if you are going to go for rolled up sleeves on t shirts, make sure that they’re properly folded and not just rolled up; similarly, make sure that you have a good mix of neutral colours for blazers and suits, as well as more brightly coloured t shirts and chinos that can allow you to create smart casual looks.

For women, casual wear this Summer is all about lightweight items that can be easily layered - think cotton trousers and shorts, silk blouses, and some brighter neons - high heeled sandals and wedges are also essentials, while you can easily mix up an outfit with lighter jackets and cardigans, as well as with printed tops. Make sure that you have a few warmer items that can help you to beat any changes in the weather.

Other casual items to look into for women included cropped leggings and trousers, as well as shorter capri pants - cut out shoulder tops and cashmere sweaters can also keep you cool, while you can mix and match looser blouses with maxi dresses if you want to keep cool during the warmer months of the year. Bulkier earrings and jewellery are also popular at the moment, but should still be comfortable.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember with casual looks this Summer is to be flexible - have a good supply of accessories like hats and sunglasses, and mix blazers with shorts and t shirts for outfits that can be toned up and down with little effort. Similarly, if you’re going for casual but still smart blazers and jackets, make sure they’re well fitted, and experiment with different colours and tones; doing so should hopefully mean that you have outfits that can last you through the Summer, and hopefully through into a mild Autumn (if we’re lucky).
About The Author:
Donna loves brands such as Blue Inc for a smarter look, and is looking forward to the summer weather.  She can be found blogging online about up and coming fashion trends.

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