Truths For Parents About An Addicted Child

If you are the parent of an addicted child, you are likely going through a very hard, emotional time. Addictions can change a child's personality, making him or her very unlike the child that you know any love. You always have to remember that the other child is still there, deep within your teen, and you should fight to bring about positive changes with this in mind. Below are five truths that can help you understand your child during this time.
Addictive Personalities Exist
First, you must know that some people just have addictive personalities. This has been tested and proven. It does not mean that the child is weak or that he or she wants to have the issue in question. It just means that the child was predisposed to this type of action.
The Addiction Must Be Faced
Any addiction has to be faced in order to be overcome. Do not allow yourself to go into denial. Do not put this off because you do not want to deal with it. You must force the child to face the issue before it can be cured.
Remorse is Real
Parents sometimes think that the remorse that children show is not real because the children may go back to their previous activities. It is crucial that you know that the sorrow and remorse is very real. The child does not want to be addicted. He or she just feels like the addiction cannot be controlled. This feeling can be very strong, overcoming what the child wants to do. Keep in mind that the child wants to change and needs your help to do so.

Addictions Require Outside Assistance
Most people cannot recover from addiction without outside help. It is just too tough. Even though they know that they should not let the addiction control them, it will be so strong at times that they will not even care about this desire until after the fact. They need another person to be there for them, to give them support so that they can overcome the issue.

This Will Take Time
Finally, it is very important to understand that this whole thing will take time. An addiction is not going to be cured overnight. It may be a constant struggle for months or years. The child may do well for a while and then relapse. You must be in this for the long haul to see real, positive change.

Love Your Child
When you keep those five truths at the forefront of your mind, you will find it easier to love and support your child. He or she needs your help, maybe even more than you know. Always show your child that you love them despite the issue, despite the impact of the addiction.
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Sarah Del Rosario is a soon to be mom and a professional writer. She currently contributes at the Emergency Food as Insurance.

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