A guide for the first-time best man

If a friend has chosen you to be their best man and you have no idea of what this will entail, both during the run up to the wedding and on the day itself, this article will help to ensure that your friend does not regret his choice. To find out what you will be expected to do and how to go about completing each task, read the following list carefully.

The bachelor party. It is probably safe to assume that every prospective best man reading this article is aware that they will be responsible for arranging a party to end all parties but it is worth mentioning, just in case. If you are stressing about making all the arrangements for a stag party and choosing a venue that everybody will like, you can enlist the help of one of the companies that specialize in arranging such events and let them do all the heavy lifting. Reputable firms will help you to choose a destination for a weekend event, book flights, hotels and, most importantly, book the entertainment for your party.
Clothes make the man. Whether or not you subscribe to this particular expression, it is one that you should pay attention to when you are performing your duties as best man. It goes without saying that you should be presentable on the day of the wedding but it is the groom’s outfit that should be uppermost in your mind. First, you will need to discuss the dress code for the wedding. The morning suit v lounge suit debate is one with supporters on both sides but if you want your friend to look his very best I would recommend persuading him that a morning suit is the way to go. As the best man, you will be expected to wear one too but ordinary male guests can wear lounge suits if they prefer.
The rings. A subject of comedic scenes in many films and television programmes over the years, the best man’s duty to carry the rings on the day of the wedding is not one to be taken lightly. Believe me, if you really do forget to bring them, nobody will be laughing. For this reason, it is a good idea to make absolutely sure that you have them when you leave for the venue of the marriage ceremony and check once more on your arrival. Ask a good friend who will be attending the wedding to remind you to check if you are at all worried that you might forget.
Transportation from the reception. Whether the bride and groom will be heading straight to the airport to fly away on their honeymoon or to a local hotel where they can relax and spend some intimate time together after a hectic day, it is your responsibility to arrange the transportation. Traditionally, the car that is used should be decorated in a manner that raises a laugh among the guests and the happy couple but be careful as you do not want to spoil the mood. If your friend and his future wife have a good sense of humor then you can go a little mad but even if they are quite straight laced, there is no harm in a few tasteful additions to the vehicle in question. After all, even the getaway car used by Prince William on his wedding day was decorated by his brother. If it is good enough for the royal family, your friend is unlikely to complain!

For further information on best man duties and handy tips, consider asking friends and relatives that have been in your position before and passed the test with flying colours.
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Danielle Steele is a freelance writer from Royal Stag Weekends, a specialist in planning a stag party in the UK and across Europe. They give clients the chance to choose a destination or activity they prefer.

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