First Time Horseback Riding Tips

Horseback riding is a sport and a recreational hobby that has been practiced for centuries. People of all ages can learn the art of horseback riding although it is strongly recommended to take lessons from a qualified professional instructor who can show you the ropes. If you cannot afford horseback riding lessons, having someone with enough experience riding a horse may suffice. However, a qualified instructor will be able to teach you the basics and help you avoid unneccessary falls. Below I have listed 10 basic horseback riding tips that will help you learn how to ride a horse in a correct and safe manner. By following the below mentioned tips, we are sure that within no time, you will be in the game of racing where people would be sure to raise the stakes by betting for you in Grand National Betting

 1.How to Mount : When attempting to mount a horse, start out by standing near it on its left side. Gently place your foot in the stirrup and while keeping both hands on the horse's front side, hold on to the wither. Make sure not to hold onto the saddle while mounting otherwise it will slide off. You may feel more comfortable holding onto the cantle of the saddle with your right hand while getting ontop of the horse.

2. Be Relax on Horseback:
Now its time to finish mounting the horse. Firmly push up and swing your leg around and over the horse's back. Make sure not to let your leg accidentally kick the horses flank on your way up.

3.Fix your Feet: Now that you have successfully mounted the horse, gather up the reins and let both of your legs just hang down to their sides near the stirrups. This is a good time to make sure the stirrups are of the correct length (they should reach to about your ankles.) If the stirrups are just right, you should able to slide your feet into them by simply lifting your feet up just a tad.

4.Take It easy and slow:
It is a good idea to take your first horseback riding experience nice and slow. A slow walk is the best way to test your grounds and avoid major falls or injury. Gently squeeze your lower calves onto the horse and it should begin to move forward. The horse will walk using a 4 beat gait and you will actually be able to listen to each hoof hitting the floor as it moves. Be sure to check the girth for length, you want to keep a tight grip on the girth as possible.

5.Right Positioning:
One of the more fundamental horseback riding tips are to keep you back straight and chin up while you are walking a horse. Also maintain your heels pointing down at all times.

6.Right Approach:
There are two types of horse reining that you must learn about when horseback riding. In English riding, you would use bit reining which involves a slight pull of the rein which will turn the horse's head in the direction you want it to go. In Western horseback riding, neck reining is more common. Neck reining involves a slide of the reins in the direction you want your horse to move which puts pressure on the opposite side of the horse's neck.

7. How to Stop :
Finally, when you want your horse to stop, all you have to do is pull back no the reins and sit deep. By this I mean leaning back a tad and dropping your center of gravity. Let your weight sink down to the bottom of your heels. Once the horse obeys your command and actually halts, pat your horse on the back as a kind reward.

As a beginner, it is important that you follow these horseback riding tips until you feel comfortable. Stick to the basics and practice mounting and dismounting before engaging in walking. These techniques should serve you well for your first time riding a horse. Good Luck!

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