Freshening Up The Bathroom For A Brand New Spring

For health and peace of mind it is important to keep a clean home. When dust and dirt accumulate indoors, the family’s respiratory issues are concerned. There are also a plethora of sources of bacteria around the home that can linger and cause a variety of illnesses. There are several ways to clean the home using chemical products but those are dangerous and harmful to the environment. Not to fear, because there are homemade alternatives that are just as effective and safe for children and the environment.

A major source of bacteria in the home is the bathroom.
In it there are a shower, a toilet, and a sink all accepting the brunt of bodily functions. There are also several different kinds of surfaces that require different approaches. Cleaning up after a long stuffy winter it is important to freshen up the area.
Cleaning should happen from top to bottom ensuring that all the areas are cleaned. Glass walls and mirrors can accrue build up rust, calcium, and mold. A weak bleach solution will clear up any mold spots. If bleach is too dangerous a product and you are looking for safe homemade products try combining vinegar, water, and dish soap to be used on glass walls, and mirrors.

The shower is also a hotbed of bacteria and a collection of soap scum.
Heat vinegar in the microwave until it is hot and mix it with dish soap in an adjustable spray bottle. Spray down the shower doors with this combination from top to bottom and let it sit. Then wipe it away and the showers are going to be clear as new.
The next point of concern in the bathroom is the drain. Either in the shower, kitchen, even the kitchen sink, they are subjected to a lot of abuse by the whole family. A great way to clean these allowing for a freer running drain, and less smelly can simply be done with household materials. By pouring in baking soda into the drain followed by vinegar will cause the two to react and fizz up. Let the fizz sit for up to 30 minutes, preferably while the drain is covered, before being rinsed down with hot water. This hot water should be boiling for the best effect. For the toilet bowl, where there is more bacteria, can also be cured by this combination but use a 50/50 concoction and leave the fizz in while scrubbing the insides down.

For a fresh scent, lemons can be used in these cleaning products, too.
They not only add the scent but their chemical make up actually contributes to the effectiveness. The acid, mixed with some salt can polish most metals that may be rusted over in the bathroom. Lemons also work to get rid of stubborn water stains.
As the spring comes in to get some light into the home it is important to keep it clean to keep the home fresh as well as the people inside it. Using homemade solutions will work well to degrease and clean most surfaces and cleverly placed lemons can aid the cleaning process as well as freshening up rooms.
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