Celebrating Holi for the first time??

Here are some useful tips and tricks on how safe and well you can play with colors.
Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus as a festival of colors. People usually celebrate by drenching themselves in powder colors and water.
This year, for a change, let’s know how to celebrate holi without wasting much of water.
Let it be a Waterless Holi.
And if you are celebrating Holi for the first time, well this is for you.
   1. Play with dry colors esp. natural colors as they wash off easily.
    - Avoid playing with balloons.
    - Play in a separate area or the garden. Getting the whole house dirty will simply lead     to more water usage for cleanup.
    - Wear old and dark colored clothes, so cleaning them does not need too much water and effort. 
2. Apply oil on your hair before stepping out to play. This will provide a protective coating over your hair. Even if you do end up getting color in your tresses, a single wash can be enough to make your hair color-free.
3. Shield yourself with some moisturizing lotion to prevent your skin from staining. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from harmful effects of color.
4. Coat your nails with nail paint. It is the most basic form of nail care and can go a long away in keeping your nails from soiling with colors. Your nails will stay clean just like before playing Holi.
5. In case you forget to apply a body lotion and you have color all over you then do not step under the shower immediately. Rub some coconut oil or cream and let the color start fading. Now a quick wash will make you clean without much scrubbing. You will save water too.
6. If you are playing indoors or on the terrace, spread a tarpaulin on the floor. Once you have finished playing, you can simply wash away the colors on the tarpaulin and save using detergents on the floor.

7. After an exhausting day of celebrating Holi, cleaning is the last thing you want to do. But there is a way to do it in an efficient, effective and non-time consuming way.
8. Fill up two buckets.  One with soapy water that has anti-stain solution in it and one with plain water.

-  Get two sponges.
-  Wipe the colored areas with the anti-stain liquid, with the help of a sponge.
- Now simply wipe away with plain water.
- Finish it with a dry wipe.
You will save a lot of water and the colored area will be clean without much effort. Use some washing soda for cleaning stubborn stains, it works wonders! Use it sparingly though or you may end up using water unnecessarily to do away with the soapiness. Do not forget to wear hand gloves, since anti-stain liquids can be harsh.

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