Removing Makeup for the first time?

Hey girls!
After reading on how to apply makeup for the first time here, we now read about the way to remove the makeup.
And if you are doing this for the first time, this is for you.

Applying makeup is pretty simple and easy if you know the basic steps and removing the makeup is a tricky task. But we will show you the easiest way of taking off the makeup from face.
As soon as you get back home after your day out/night out make sure you remove all your makeup before you go to sleep.

The Basic Steps:
Use the makeup remover:
Invest in a good makeup remover. Apply the liquid using cotton ball and try to rub off the makeup from the face.
To take off Lip Makeup:
Use the tissues/cotton.
Apply Vaseline all over the lips and gently wipe off the lipstick/gloss.
To take off the Eye makeup:
Use the eye makeup remover.
If you do not own a remover, use oil or Vaseline to wipe away the eye shadows/liners etc.
The mascara can be only taken away by using loads of oil.
Once you are done with the makeup removing, sit before a vaporizer and let your skin pores be open. Clean off the excess oil and dirt with cotton pads.
Now you are all set for the final stage of makeup removing.

The CTM:
Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the basic steps to be followed once you are done with the makeup removal process.

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