Make up for the First Time (Girls)

Hey girls..

Most of the girls like getting ready. In fact, most of them know the best techniques of emphasizing their looks.This article is for all those girls who doesn't know much about makeup but still want to do Make-up.

What is Makeup?

This is a process of hiding your skin flaws or correcting them to look and feel better. Everyone have at least one facial feature which complements you. So, usually in makeup we try to focus more on highlighting that feature.

Basics of Makeup:
1. Conceal : This is used to hide any imperfect skin/skin flaws/blemishes/pimple marks etc.
2. Base: This is to even out the skin tone.
3. Set: To make the makeup stay longer.
4. Eye makeup: This is used to enhance eyes.
5.Lip makeup: This is the process of making lips more attractive.

Things we need to do this:
      1. Concealer
      2. Foundation
      3. Compact/translucent Powder
       4. Blush
       5. Eye Shadows
       6. Mascara
       7. Eye Liner
       8. Kajal
       9. Lipstick/lipgloss

If you want to do makeup for the first time, here is the process.

These are simple 10 steps to see the perfect you!

Step 1:
Cleanse and moisturize your face. If you have oily skin, use any water based moisturizer than oil based.

Step 2:
This step is not mandatory if you have flawless skin. But if you do, use Concealer to hide the blemishes/marks/spots. Apply it only on the marks and not on the complete face. Apply it on any uneven skin too. Like under eyes or below the lips etc.

Step 3:
Apply any liquid/gel foundation all over the face and neck in small dots and spreading them in circular movements. Take special care while joining the hair line, jaw line.

Step 4:
You are done with the base makeup. Apply the compact/translucent powder all over the face and neck to set the makeup.

Step 5:
Again this is not mandatory. But applying blush enhances your cheeks J

Step 6:
 Take Kajal/kohl and apply it on lower and upper water line of your eye.

Step 7:
Apply your favourite eye shadow all over your upper lid without touching the eye brow bone.

Step 8:
Apply eye liner/eye pencil to define a line on your eye lids.

Step 9:
Apply Mascara to your lashes to make them look healthier and longer even thicker.

Step 10:
The final step, apply your favorite lipstick/lip gloss on your lips.
 Voila..!! A Diva is here. J

Did you notice?

Makeup is so easy! But remember few points.
      Choose concealer/foundation/compact which suits your skin type and skin tone. A wrong choice of any of these would make your look a disaster. Check this out:          
Eye shadow/blush is not compulsory and you can always skip them for a simple look.
Be careful when you applying Kajal /eye pencil/mascara. You can never play with eyes.

Important: Highlight any one feature in your face. Like it can be only face( foundation, blush, powder with simple eyes and lips) or your lips(lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss and simple face and eyes) or only your eyes.

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