Contact Lens :Information and Advice for First Timers

Each wearer has a different reason for using contact lenses. 

1.    Convenience
2.    Fashion
3.    Sports Use

Types of contact lenses

Contact lenses can be classified in the following groups:
1. Daily Disposables- Its like use and throw
2. Two Weekly Disposables – Change in 15 days
3. Monthly Disposables
4. Extended Wear Lenses – can be worn awake and asleep
5. Multi-Focal Lenses – For Multi focal disorder patients
6. Colored Contact Lenses – To make a fashion statement

How to Wear and Remove :

How long to wear your lenses for

Most soft contact lenses have a recommended wearing time of  10-12 hours a day up to 5 days a week.
Make sure to wear glasses for a day or two in a week to ensure that your eyes receive get good amount of oxygen to stay healthy.
Extended wear lenses can be worn all the time(awake as well as asleep) for a week.
Contact lens manufacturers provide wearing guidelines for all the type of lenses. You can find that on the packaging .Always follow the schedule suggested by your Optician.

When to visit your Optician

You should get in touch with your Optician if you are:
1.  Close to the expiry date of your prescription 
2. Experiencing a change in your vision with contact lenses
3. If you experience any of the following symptoms  in your eyes please immediately take out your contact lenses and  contact your Optician ASAP.

 Discomfort or pain
 Excessive watering
 Visual disturbance

If your Optician is not available immediately and the problem is causing your severe disturbance you should visit local hospital ASAP. 


“Aftercare” is the medical care and advice that should be provided to you after you buy a pair of contact lenses. At a minimum, contact lens aftercare should include both advice on and helping to make arrangements for:

  Regular contact lens examinations
  Where you can go in an emergency
  What signs or symptoms you should watch out for
  How to remove your contact lenses during an emergency
  Who your local contact for advice is

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