Ways to Spend More Time with Family during Weekends

Are you a working lady who is bugged of her office workload? On top of that, you have to finish the mountain of chores that lie waiting to be finished on the weekends. Oh what a misery with poor lady!
You wish you could spend more time with your husband and go out on a date once again after a long time since marriage. And you want to help your children with homework or take them for swimming classes. But, there are dishes to be washed, carpets to be vacuum-cleaned, clothes to be ironed, and toilet to be cleaned. So, all your fancy plans have gone down the drain. You wish there was some kind fairy who could take all the workload off your shoulders!
You would be lucky if a fairy showers kindness on you and finishes off all the chores with one stroke of her wand in the air. But, be real; your life isn’t some fantasy tale or movie. If you are really sick of doing household work on weekends and think your life is no longer fun and glamour, then learn to manage your house smartly.
Learn to finish off all the activities on weekdays or keep your house in such a way that there is the least mess or dirt produced. You can then enjoy your weekends as you please. Many women hire housekeeping services in order to save themselves from getting dirty with housework.
1.    Outsource: Don’t try to be a superwoman. Hand over a part of household activities to your family members. When everybody starts helping, the work gets finished in less than 1/4th of the time than that a lone person could have taken. Note that you are a Mom, but it is not only your house. So, everyone has to extend a helping hand.
2.    Do not postpone: Whenever you find a stray piece of crockery or items scattered across your house, pick them up immediately. Don’t wait till the weekend to sort these items. When you make a habit of decluttering your house daily, you won’t find much work pending at the weekends.
3.    Get Rid of Excesses: If you have too much in your house and most of it is useless, make a list of what is to be discarded in the garbage bin, sold off in the sale, or donated. Stack each of the items separately in boxes and take actions on them accordingly.
4.    Housekeeping services: In spite of making the best efforts, sometimes we lag behind and a huge chunk of stuff lies in front of us to be cleaned and sorted. You may hire housecleaning services to help you declutter your home. When you are recovering from an illness, you don’t have the stamina to do the household chores. It is viable to hire external help in such cases. When there is a major event in your house like wedding, huge party, or anniversary celebration, it is good to hire housekeeping services for a professional touch instead of doing everything by yourself.

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