How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? There is actually a surprising difference. Type 1 is a pancreas issue, where beta cells attach insulin-producing cells. In type 2, insulin production levels become out of balance due to an unhealthy diet. This creates an insulin-resistance that keeps high sugar levels in the blood. Basically, type 1 is something you cannot prevent, while type 2 is often preventable.

Side effects of high glucose levels:

High glucose levels in the blood can lead to insulin-resistance caused by type 2 diabetes. Side effects include frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst, blurry vision, or lethargy. If you have any of these symptoms alone or in combination with obesity, consult with your doctor right away.

Side effects of low glucose levels:

Generally, type 1 diabetes strikes children and young people up to age 25. Low glucose levels have similar symptoms than high glucose levels, but usually occur in individuals with normal or below-average weights. Side effects of low sugar include dizziness, shakiness, sweating, hunger, headaches, and strange changes in behavior, like confusion, irritability, and trouble with concentration. Low glucose levels can also cause nightmares, night sweats, and un-restful sleep.

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Typically, if you suffer from type 1 diabetes, there is no cure. You must follow a strict regimen of eating a clean diet, eating frequently, taking insulin injections, and using a variety of medical supplies to keep your glucose levels normal. You will have to follow all of these steps for the rest of your life.

However, you can avoid contracting type 2 diabetes. Although type 2 diabetes is influenced by genetics, and is sometimes unavoidable, there are certain risk factors that increase your chance of contracting diabetes. You can reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes by:

Maintaining a healthy weight: Your chances of getting diabetes goes up when you are overweight or obese.

Avoiding a high-sugar diet: Type 2 diabetes is caused by a resistance to insulin. Basically, your body gets used to more sugar in the blood and resists the insulin naturally occurring in the body. Just like your body can gradually become adjusted to a high level of alcohol in the blood (which is also bad for you), you can get used to a high level of sugar. This will increase your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. 

Eat a healthy diet: It is not just sugar that can influence sugar levels in the body. Carbohydrates can also spike sugar levels in the body. Eating a diet full of processed foods and breads can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. Keep your body healthy by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods, and reducing carbs.

You may not be able to completely eliminate your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, but you can reduce your risk by avoiding the common triggers for the disease. Diabetes is a dangerous and deadly illness, and it is wise to do whatever it takes to avoid risking your health.

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