A Spa Day ! First Timer's Guide

A day at the spa is often viewed as a form of relaxation reserved for women; however, there are several spa services that the man in your life may want to take advantage of as well. If your significant other has a birthday coming up, or you want to do something nice for a stressed male friend or relative, these relaxing spa treatments are sure to leave the guy you love pampered and refreshed.

Sports Massages
An invigorating massage helps to relieve muscle tension, and some guys prefer the intensity of a sports massage. The masseuse stretches the muscles and relieves cramps and pain that can occur in the arms, legs, and sides after playing sports. Massages can lower blood pressure, improve the function of the digestive system, relieve headaches and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and fibromyalgia. Of course, a great massage is also a powerful stress reliever.

Manicures and Pedicures
Men need to have their skin exfoliated and their cuticles treated as well as the ladies. A manicure and pedicure for men often involves a soak in a solution of natural ingredients like milk or olive oil to moisturize the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. A salt or sugar scrub on the hands and feet is also an effective exfoliant for rough skin, and gets rid of peeling skin and dry patches. Not all men like to have their nails painted after getting a manicure or pedicure (though some embrace the practice), so buffing the nails to make them shiny and healthy or finishing the pedicure or manicure with a clear coat of polish is fairly standard.

Deep Cleaning Facial
Men need to have their pores cleaned and their skin exfoliated to have a clear complexion. A facial that includes steam treatment to soften the skin and make it more susceptible to cleaning is both relaxing and a significant part of any skin care routine. Facials are also a great way for men to get rid of ingrown hairs in their face, which helps their beards and mustaches to grow evenly and prevents bumps and redness. Products infused with essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil remove bacteria and impurities from the face to get rid of acne and blemishes.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to calm the senses or invigorate the mind. If you're purchasing a spa treatment for a man, book services at a spa that incorporates aromatherapy into massage or facial services. Lemon oil is great for invoking energy and promoting mental clarity, so your guy will feel alive and focused after a massage. Peppermint can soothe an upset stomach and relieve anxiety and depression. Geranium isn't overly flowery in scent, and calms stress and anxiety and helps to revitalize the skin. Warm scents like sandalwood and black pepper are also great to include in a guy's aromatherapy treatment, and have a masculine feel to them as opposed to floral scents like jasmine or rose.

Refreshments and Entertainment
Women will likely enjoy a cup of herbal tea and a small serving of fresh fruit during a spa day. However, men feel more relaxed in a setting where there's a big screen television displaying the stats from last night's game, or a pool table where they can enjoy a game before heading to their next spa treatment. Barber services and beer (in place of the champagne that women usually enjoy in the spa) are among the features most guys would deem part of an ideal spa day, as well as time to play video games and meals that include burgers, BBQ, or home-cooked favorites like meatloaf or mashed potatoes.

These spa treatments for men are a wonderful way to say thank you to a husband or father who works hard to make life a little easier for you. And you can re-create some of these spa treatments at home by placing a few drops of essential oil lotion or massage oil on a reed infuser, or making a solution of crushed aspirin and aloe vera gel for your guy to use after shaving to prevent razor bumps. After a soothing massage or pedicure, a trip to the spa may be a gift your guy will request when there's a special occasion coming up.
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This article was contributed by Teddy Jackson, fashion guru and relaxation nut. For feeling comfortable any time of the day, Teddy recommends Lupo Sports, offering a variety of comfortable, casual sportswear.

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