How to choose jeans for different body types (girls) !

A well fitted dress will always flatter your personality and boosts up the self confidence. Jeans is one of the easiest to wear and carry off.
Many girls out there are confused about what kind of jeans is right for their body type.So this article is just for them who would love to show off themselves in a right pair of Jeans. First of all,

Let us know what all the different body types.

1                 1. Tall
            2. Hour Glass
            3. Pear Shaped
            4. Apple Shaped
            5. Short

 1. For Tall Girls:

  Do’s :
       Choose a Jeans which is not skinny.
           Always go for low waist.
       A straight cut/boot cut would work wonders.
      Go for darker shades.

Wear high waist jeans, these make your legs appear more lengthy.
Wear white jeans, these are best if you are skinny and tall.

2. For Hour Glass figured girls:

 Choose classic mid waist jeans.

A boot cut would flatter this type of body type.
Straight cut jeans would complement the curves.
Make sure that your jeans have back pockets.
 Keep it simple. Only one coloured jeans.

Avoid loose fit jeans/trousers.
 No detailing please.
Avoid baggies.
Avoid light colored pants.

3.  For Pear Shaped Girls:

Do’s :
 A low waisted straight/boot cut jeans.
 A well fitted mid raised jeans.
 A dark colored jeans will always flatter you.

Wear a tight jeans along with a short top.

4. For Apple Shaped Girls:


A low or mid raised jeans would suit your body type.
Make sure it has a thin belt line(means, if you get a jeans with elastic you are way too lucky )
Go for Skinnies
A proper fit Jeans of any cut would be the best.

 Ill fit jeans.
A huge boot cut is not for you.

5. For Short Legged Girls/ Petite Girl:

Skinnies Ahoy!!
Add detailing on your Jeans like extra pockets or extra designs on the jeans or on the back pockets would distract the short legs.
Wear High Heels.
Any color would be great if you have slim legs.

Avoid boot cuts/straight jeans along with flat footwear.

Remember these few quick tips and you are ready to rock in your new pair of jeans.

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