Finding the Phone that Fits Your Needs

In this world of ever-developing smart phone technology, finding the device that best suits your needs can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a small business owner who needs a phone for accounting purposes, or you’re a student who needs to take notes with an easy-to-use keyboard, the right option is sure to be out there. Here’s a breakdown of a few popular choices to help narrow your selection.

iPhone 5
Known as one of the most innovative smart phones around, the iPhone has a plethora of functions that are effective for many situations. SIRI, the voice activated comprehensive search engine, allows the user to send e-mails, text messages, search for directions, make calls, or almost anything else the iPhone has to offer, all with the press of a single button. Apple Maps, the recent replacement of Google Maps, allows users to map out their route, or use GPS technology to search for their exact location. Bike routes are also available. The text input is a regular keyboard layout, with the option of a variety of different international keyboards to write in a different language. The camera shoots 8-megapixel photos, and is capable of recording video in 1080 p HD. The iPhone 5 costs anywhere from $199-$399, not including the cost of a phone plan.

Android Operating System
The Android operating system, currently in fierce competition with the iPhone, offers its own set of unique functions that dazzle. It utilizes the Chrome web browser, and offers users the ability to multitask using a variety of apps at once. The Android operating system possesses a sliding lock screen that unlocks after inputting the correct slide combination. The spell check system makes text messaging and writing extremely easy, as it not only catches misspellings, but also offers replacement words as it sees fit. This smart phone system also includes software that takes full advantage of the phone's powerful camera; the operating system contains an incredibly versatile gallery system, which allows users to manage and alter their photos with the touch of a finger. A phone with the Android operating system costs anywhere from $199-$499, not including the cost of a phone plan.

Windows Phone
While less popular with the general population, the Windows phone still has functions that are sure to please. With the Windows Hub, users are able to store all of their contacts, text messages, and e-mails all within one convenient app. It also allows users to check out photos or even start conversations. The Windows phone also includes the kids' corner, a place where children can find tons of educational and fun apps. In this area, your child won’t have access to any of your personal data, allowing you to leave your phone lying around worry free. This smart phone uses the Bing search engine, a powerful tool that allows the user to search for anything in the world with the touch of a button. It also contains the wallet app, an extremely useful function for those who like to shop online with their phone. This allows users to store all of their credit card information, coupons, deals, and memberships in one easy-to-access spot. The Windows phone costs anywhere from $199-$399, not including the cost of a phone plan.

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