Giving Your Baby the Best Start in Life: 5 Unusual Ideas for First Time Parents

Every parent wants what is best for his or her baby. When you are picking out a safe car seat and baby-proofing the house, don't forget to neglect these five important safeguards for your baby's future.

Feed Your Baby Right from the Start
What you eat while pregnant with your baby may have more influence on your baby's future than you might think. While it is true that your body will feed the baby nutrients from your own body if you do not eat enough nutritious foods, eating the right things can significantly improve the health of you and your baby. Just like with any other healthy diet, eating plenty of good fats, vegetables and fruit, and protein will help your baby grow strong.

After your baby is born, breastmilk is the most nutritious food for your baby, and according to a study by Durham University, a baby that receives breastmilk for the first 2 years of life grow larger brains, leading to improved cognitive function for the rest of his life. 

Bank the Cord Blood
One thing you can do for your baby to safeguard her future is to bank her family cord blood. Cord blood banking is the practice of saving the cord blood for stem-cell harvesting. When your baby ages, if she ever has health problems, the stem cells from the cord blood can help repair tissue damage in the body and even re-grow organs. You can save blood privately for sole use by your baby for a monthly or yearly storage fee, or you can donate your baby's blood to a public bank where the blood will be used for any donor match in the system.

Provide for the Future
Monetary investments are a wise choice to make for your baby before he is born. Even a small investment will grow over time and give your baby a better future. It is possible to set up accounts for your baby's college years, their general living expenses, or even save for their eventual retirement. Some of these investments are even tax-free. Speak with an investment representative to find out which route is best for your income and situation.

Choosing the Right Name
Have you thought about the repercussions of your favorite baby name? A trendy name, like one used in a popular book or movie, may seem like a good idea for now, but when thousands of other people have the same name as your baby, things can get complicated. Naming your baby is an important step that may influence her future. Any name that sounds too ethnic could have an adverse affect on your baby's future employment, as can cute or rhyming names that could generate a cruel nickname from bullies in school.

Protect Baby's Sleep
Your baby's sleep is important and baby cribs play a vital role for your kid to get a proper sleep. According to a study by the Academy of Sleep Medicine, proper sleep is essential to cognitive development. Allowing baby plenty of time to rest and teaching self-soothing from a young age will help your baby reach his maximum brain potential.

These five elements will help your baby maximize their potential and become a healthy individual ready for whatever life throws at her.

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