How to Build a Strong Prayer Connection

Nearly all religions have some form of prayer where they can connect with the higher power that they believe in. Many of the most popular religions today are based around the idea of a singular spirit or God-figure, while a few others hold to the belief of multiple spirits or gods. No matter what religion or belief system that you have, prayer can be a powerful force for good. Many scientific studies have shown that a consistent time of prayer or meditation each day can improve your overall health and well being.

If you are new to this kind of spirituality or having trouble building a strong prayer connection, these simple ideas can help you connect better with the spiritual world.
Remove Distractions
Distractions keep us from feeling quiet and restful. If you are busy thinking about your upcoming schedule for the week, you will have a harder time focusing on the prayer. Removing distractions, by praying in a distraction-free zone, or actively working to clear your mind of other thoughts, can help you focus on the prayer and feel more connected to the spirit world. You can also remove distractions by praying alone, removing other sounds (like the TV, music, or animals), or keeping your eyes closed during prayer.

Create a Schedule
Many religious have ritual prayer times, where members are encouraged to pray at specific times each day. This scheduled prayer time is helpful because it becomes a habit. It is easy to skip something that is not scheduled, but when you make a conscious effort to pray at certain times of day, it becomes easier to make it a habit and bring yourself closer to the God you believe in.

Create a Prayer Space
Some people find that creating a specific place for prayer helps make the connection to the spirit world stronger. Catholics often build little closets filled with pictures of saints and candles to make it easier to pray. Buddhists also have a prayer space where they can pray and offer incense and offerings during their prayer time. Creating a little space to pray helps minimize distractions and conditions your mind to accept quiet prayer and reflection.

Learn from the Prayers of Others
Sometime it is hard to think of things to pray. This is where reading the prayers of others can help you think of new ways to pray. Each religion has different methods to find a prayer, and even if you don’t practice a certain religion, you can still learn from their prayer style. Read other people’s prayers and listen to other people when they pray to discover new ways to pray. You may find one prayer type or style more fulfilling than another.

Try Different Praying Methods
There are many ways to pray. Some people pray physically, by kneeling, bowing, or lifting their hands. Some people pray through scriptures or other holy words. Other people use sounds and feelings to pray rather than specific words. Some people prefer to pray for things in the spirit world, while others prefer to pray for things in the spirit world. Some people prefer to recite the same prayer words over and over, while others prefer to come up with new words each time. Incorporating each of these methods into your prayer life can help you build a stronger prayer connection.

The next time you struggle during prayer time, try adding some of these new methods to make your prayer time more effective.

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This is a guest post by Claire Wilson for Prayers for Special Help where you can easily find a prayer for your actual needs or situation. Claire is a freelance health and lifestyle writer with many ideas and advice that she loves to share on various blogs. 

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