Tips for a fuss free redecoration project: Getting ready to redecorate your living space

It’s that time of year when the increased levels of daylight and prospect of having guests to visit has us all worrying about the condition of our paintwork. What looked perfectly adequate a few months ago has bizarrely transformed into a grubby, discoloured surface that we feel is letting down the whole house. Walls are tired, skirting boards are yellowing (probably none of this is really going on, but in our heads we see it all for the worst) so we’ve decided it’s time to redecorate.
Decorating might seem like a simple job. Many of us have been guilty of rushing out for a tin of paint and a roller and just chucking up some paint, but in reality this is not usually the best way to do things. Planning your redecoration may sound incredibly boring and you might be anxious to get on with the fun bit, but spending a little time organising how things are going to go can make your job a lot more pleasurable in the long run. Here are some tips.

Budget before you start
How much redecoration are you planning to do? Is it just a wall, a room or the entire house? Are you planning to use paper or just paint, and will you be replacing curtains, carpets or other soft furnishings to go with your new scheme? All these decisions will have an influence on the size of your budget, and your budget will have an influence on how much you can do.

Gather inspiration
If you are planning a colour change, or even just to add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral room, be very careful how you pick and choose your products. Slight variations in tones and colours can completely change the look of a room, and can make the difference between a well put together living space and a messy, cluttered feeling room. Try collecting up:
             Colour charts from paint shops
             Samples of wallpapers you might be considering
             Swatches of fabrics for curtains, carpets and other soft furnishings
             Pages from magazines with ideas you like
             Photos on the web which can be stored on Pinterest or on your computer

Allocate enough time
The last thing you want is to be half way through a key bit of work and to have to stop because it’s bedtime or time to go to work, so plan out a timetable for things to happen to ensure that you can get everything done as you need to. Don’t underestimate the amount of time things take, and always add in a couple of spare hours here and there to allow for mistakes and hiccups in the process. As you are making a schedule of things to do, consider what all will need to be done and when. Approach tasks in a logical order to save yourself time and hassle. For instance, if you are replacing the carpet, why not pull up the old one, and then get all the painting done whilst the floor is bare and finally fit the new one when there is no danger of paint being spilt on it. Think about what you will do with your furniture while you are painting the walls. Many householders consider asking a Bath removal company to take their furniture out of harm’s way for the duration of their project, placing it in self storage until they are ready to have it back.

Have fun!
All this planning and organising means that when you start redecorating, you’ll be in good shape to make an excellent job of it and with less stress. Get a friend or neighbour involved to make the work more fun, and enjoy making this change to your home for the better.
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