A Treat Is Always Better When It’s A Bargain

[Last Updated on Nov 14, 2018]
Do you really have to be reminded just how good it feels when you find an unbelievable bargain? I thought not. We all know that feeling, that rush of adrenaline when we realize just how superb the deal is that we've just stumbled upon. It’s a curious mix of triumph, ecstasy and exhaustion – usually because a said bargain is the result of a day-long hunt for discount treasures. 

There’s nothing like treating yourself every now and again. You might play hard but you work even harder and who’s to say that you don’t deserve to give yourself a little present from time to time? By all means, don’t feel guilty – enjoy it. The best treats tend to feel even better when you know how much of a bargain they were. 

Shopping For Clothes 

There are people who swear by online clothes shopping and then there are those who don’t feel entirely comfortable with it. Some people just can’t contemplate buying a new dress or a new pair of jeans without trying them on first and that’s okay – online clothes shopping isn’t for everyone. However, anybody who believes that purchasing clothes online has to be risky and potentially inaccurate couldn’t be more wrong. Haven’t they ever heard of a measuring tape? 

Finding fashion bargains online is easy, just so long as you know your measurements and keep them close by on a piece of paper or notepad. That way, you can refer back to these numbers whenever you come across a potential purchase. You can also take some time to find online discounts, like these Forever 21 coupons to help you lower the cost. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the cheap items offered by online retailers are actually sourced from end of season high street sales or stock clearances, says MoneyCrashers.com journalist Jacqueline Curtis. There’s nothing wrong with this, it just means that what’s being advertised is what’s on sale – if your size isn’t there, it’s not likely to be available. 

Shopping For Makeup
A lot of women love to treat themselves to a great lipstick or a top of the range mascara, but did you know that buying your makeup online could save you hundreds of pounds every year? It’s absolutely true – a lot of overstock and stock clearance products are routinely sold online for half their recommended retail prices. Online shopping can also be a great way to get your hands on discontinued products that you adore but can’t get in the shops anymore. Use eBay to source discontinued items but always remember to include the phrase ‘mint in box’ when searching. According to makeup artist Troy Surratt, you absolutely cannot take the chance with cosmetics – a second-hand product could give you a nasty infection, so do be careful. 

Shopping For Shoes
Shoes are another popular online purchase and another great way to treat yourself, just so long as you’re careful when picking sizes. Most people are n’t aware of the fact that consumers tend to have far more rights when shopping online than they do in the store. According to MoneySavingExpert.com, this is due to distance selling regulations. These regulations state that almost all products bought online can be returned within a week, even if there is no fault with them. You might have to pay for the return costs, but you should get your outward delivery costs back. It’s important to know the rules when shopping for something as specific and precise as shoes. 

Sure, you can get some great bargains online if you know where to look but shoes are a fickle thing - with some shoes your regular size can feel bigger than it should and with others it can feel tighter than normal. If you end up with a pair of shoes that don’t fit how you were expecting them to -  it’s important to know that you are entitled to send them back. 
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Emily Steves is a personal shopper and an expert on consumer rights. She recommends Big Discount Card for the biggest and best range of online discounts, deals, offers and bargains. Steves can be found blogging on a variety of sites sharing her love for finding a bargain.

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