How to balance fashion trends with flattery on a budget

Following the latest fashion trends and achieving that on a budget often doesn’t go together.  Getting that chic look often means breaking the bank. Upgrading your wardrobe for a few bucks is easy if you know where and what to shop. Here are a few tips that can help you revamp your wardrobe if you are on a shoestring budget:

Wearing stuff that only ‘looks’ expensive: Now this might sound a little tricky to pull off but once you can differentiate between what appears classy and what appears cheap, you can work it out easily.
·       It’s always tough to pick up something with embellishment. If it is not done right, this ends up looking quite cheap. To be on the safer side, opt for accessories or shoes that do not come with a lot of much hardware. Unless it has a huge price tag attached to it, you cannot expect something to come with quality embellishment. There might be exceptions but something like that is a rarity. If you have an eye for glittery and shiny stuff, go for metallics which are in vogue this season. Even an inexpensive dress in metallic leather can do wonders for your look.

·       Fabrics also play a major role and even if you are shopping online don’t forget to check this section. Tweed, linen and cotton give a rich look to the clothes and can be opted for. As far as shoes are concerned, go for faux suede which is way better than faux leather. In fact, finding a good quality faux leather shoe could be quite challenging especially when you are trying to do that on a budget.

Load your wardrobe with classics: By classic we mean, the clothes that you should certainly have in your wardrobe. Check the latest trends and make your own list of classics. Something that you can wear often and something that could last you a lifetime. Basically, anything that you are comfortable in and would love to slip in for any outing. A classic could be a metallic bomber jacket that matches practically anything that you pair it with or a classic could be a summery dress that you would prefer wearing on a warm afternoon for a lunch with your girl friends. Having such classics in your wardrobe will be a huge relief at times when you find yourself confused about what to wear.

Fashion trends available on a budget: You will come across certain apparels which never go out of fashion and have a price tag ranging from anywhere from very low to extremely high when you want to go for a designer look. You don’t have to stick to a hefty price tag and most of these items look expensive even if you picked them up at bargain prices:

·    1. Leather clothing is everyone’s favorite, isn’t it? Stalk up on leather-look pieces which will cost you a dime.

·     2. Stand out graphics on sweaters and tees are back on the runways. Thanks to Forever21 and other budget stores where all these chic pieces are easily available. In fact, you can dig out your old knit sweaters or cardigans with graphics on the front, now that it has made a comeback.

·   3. Save a few bucks for sneakers. These low priced beauties can be paired up with anything ranging from shorts to flair dresses and simply rock the look. Something as basic as a canvas pair is inexpensive and looks stylish.

·    4. If you are running low on the budget and cannot afford to shop for apparel until you get your next paycheck, load up on costume jewelry instead. Junk jewelry, chunky earrings etc can even make the simplest dress stand out.

Shop online for deals: Online stores often have a lot of great deals and discounts. It could be a pain when you are shopping online for apparel but once you have figured out the right size you can practically buy anything online ranging from accessories to clothes. At Banana Republic, you have a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories available at affordable prices. You can also save a lot of money using the discount vouchers that come with irresistible deals. Not only you make savings but save yourself from the daunting task of visiting a store and shopping until you make a choice or maybe none at all after spending your precious time.  

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