How Changing Technology is affecting the World of Fashion

Technology and fashion two things which never stop. The big difference? Fashion has been around for hundreds of years. Ever since ancient times people would wear gowns and styles that would have them falling in line with the rest of their society. As fashion has been around so long and technology has only just started to stamp it’s authority on the world of today, it led me to ask the question; how has technology affected fashion?

Think fashion week. When everyone get together and shows off the latest styles and unique designer dresses. It was just a few decades ago you’d have to wait for the latest print of ‘Vogue Magazine’ to be released before you could have a look at the styles.

In the modern age where the internet reigns supreme, the images would be on the internet just seconds after a cat walk has taken place, and seconds after that you could be reading hundreds of opinions about a specific outfit. Hey, you wouldn’t even need to wait for photos, you could watchthe show live through a stream if you wanted to.

Of course you can’t forget that now you can buy clothes online. It’s easy to get a look at those Nike dunks you really like or perhaps you’re a fan of the Barbour Dept B Jacket, well no problem, just type it into a search engine and you could have hundreds of prices to browse through. We now have access to those overseas brands you would have never got a look at. Online shopping has actually become so successful some people believe it is killing the main streets.

There’s more than just this though, social media has allowed small clothing brands to go global. It’s essentially made fashion main stream. Facebook is full of clothing stores, where people like, share and comment on the clothes they like. It means we can now show our friends a shirt you think they’d like when they’re not near, and even the clothing labels get a huge boost in that they can get a better and easier feel about how a customer feels about a product.

On top of this you’re able to easily contact the brands you like, it’s easy to tweet through a suggestion or question and as easy as that you’ve got what you wanted. Whether it be a suggestion a clothing line release some larger size clothes or even asking for them to start releasing some new shoes. If enough people contact them and they have the right demand, the brand will listen. It’s one of my favourite things that regular people are now able to impact big companies.

Another rather big advantage is the fact we now have access to other peoples wardrobe. No longer are we stuck to ravaging through a friends wardrobe hoping they have something not only nice but will fit as well. We now have an endless amount of platforms to buy and sell our less worn clothes. This is a huge bonus and gives us a great deal of freedom into getting some clothes at a cheaper price.

So, it really is a huge effect that technology has had on the world of fashion, it’s definitely a big thing which is helping the fashion industry progress into a bigger more mainstream place. I believe technology is amazing and if it is continued to be used right, the fashion industry  has no boundaries. 

About the author:
My name is Hanna Jameson. I am someone who loves shopping for clothes, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, designing clothes for myself and my friends and keeping a close watch on what's in vogue. I am fortunate that my day job is fashion merchandising as it allows me to indulge in things that I anyway love. 

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