Planning to Witness the birth of your baby! First Time Dad’s guide

As a First time Dad, its really important role you've taken to witness your partner giving birth to your child. So, you should better be prepared for this.
It may be very difficult for you to watch her in pain as she goes through labor, For many first-time mothers, labor is a very difficult task to go through. It’s not as easy as you find it on Hollywood movies. Sometimes, it takes a long time to complete the process. Here we have come up with some very important tips for First Time Dads, who are planning to witness this.
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Get The Knowledge:
Labor is not the right time to browse Google or You tube or books to go through childbirth classes, so finish your reading beforehand. It’s recommended to attend a childbirth class and to watch videos about vaginal birthing and c-section. That will definitely help you to understand the journey.

Talk to Your Partner:
Talk to your lady before the baby's due date; take time to discuss expectations and options. Later, you can take the initiative with her wishes in mind.
Plan to Capture the Moment.
Before you take out the camera, make sure you ask your doctor and hospital authority about their policies and take the permission from the Authorities. If you are planning for the video recording, ideally, bring two cameras, extra memory cards and extra batteries.

Be ready to wait
Its usually takes long time to get regular contractions. Be ready to do whatever she finds relaxing at this point, such as watching TV, taking a walk, or cuddling on the bed. This isn't the time for finishing up last-minute projects or doing household stuffs.

Be ready to get scolding but don’t take it personal
You lady in labor pain may be in her own world. She may become irritable at times, too. For example, she may love; if you massage her shoulder or back early in labor, but during the transition, she may find the same intolerable and may scold you .It's important not to misconstrue her behavior as a rejection.

Ask questions
Here is the best part. Don’t hesitate to ask questions whether it’s about medical procedures or about helping the laboring lady to make her feel more comfortable .Its very important , if she is not in a state to ask and clarify by herself .
Never feel shy to get the information,

Don’t forget to bring things for yourself
This is the point, you should not forget. This process may take a day or two. Better be ready to spend nights at the hospital. So, don't forget to pack some things for yourself. A pair of clothes, comfortable shoes and some snack would do.

Be her voice
A laboring woman may not be in a situation to make decisions or requests. You should be ready to step in if the situation calls for it. If your lady plans to breastfeed, help make sure that she has a chance to do so soon after the baby's born, and that someone's there to help her if she's having trouble.

Understand your limitations
A lot of things go on in the labor room. You should better be aware of what you can do and what you should leave to the professionals.

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