How to wear Off Shoulder Tops to Look Different Everytime

When breeze is getting little bit cool and when you see your skirts are swirling automatically, trust your intuition that yes, autumn has come. Don’t you feel that this romantic season has many things to tell us? There are times when we thought of different attire everyday and really tired of trying them one by one! It happens! And then there are cool attires such as off shoulder tops which are so hot as well that we can’t wear them while making others remember all days we have worn it. It’s pretty tough huh!?

What if you wear them all alternate days and still then you look as new as when you have worn it on first day? Fantastico no!? So here is a complete list of ways of wearing off shoulder tops to look different every time. Buy western dresses but first make a list of your styles of wearing them with.
Roll it down girl!

With Palazzos & Top Bun

Just make sure that you have tucked in your top to make it continuous attire. Otherwise their synchronisation may break instantly. Choose pastel coloured palazzos as they go well with other hues. Tie your hair to make a top bun or messy bun and strut off the road wearing high band stilettos. Jewellery is not necessary here.

High Waist Jeans & Sneakers

If your off-shoulder top is showing enough of skin then choose a full covered bottom wear such as jeans. One can select ripped or frayed jeans as well to keep the look at chic level. Wear high waist jeans and white sneakers with your western dress and throw a plain fabricated choker on your sleek neck.

Traditional Skirts

Western and western combo is just like any other thing you see on the street. Try something different here like traditional skirt with off shoulder top. Bring out your oomph by having ankle length boots and tribal necklace and earrings.
Carry a contrasting hat if you are in a mood to throw surprises!

Rugged Shorts & Gladiators

Let’s make the environ a little bit louder and hotter! Opt for rugged shorts and better if it has high waist. Hop into gladiators for a sporty feel and wear feather earrings and backpack for your journey. Online western dresses can be twisted and moulded into new forms as well.

Transforming Shirt Into Off Shoulder

This experiment can be done on tight shirts and I think denim shirts are my fave and I can try this on them.
Pick out a shirt and open up few top buttons till it goes easily across the shoulder as shown in the picture. The lower part can be tied tightly. Wear them with pastel midi skirt or boyfriend jeans. 

Author: Paromita Sengupta

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