Feeling Low: Organize your life by organizing your closet.

When you are feeling down, pick yourself up by drooling over your beauty collection (s) and running through your closet all just by yourself, all alone. I often do this when I feel low or depressed. A magical way to uplift your sense of living and loving life- once again! 

All women love looking their best by wearing something good and different. There is no comparison to the happiness earned with compliments than anything else.  The best way to feel positively attractive about own self is: By taking care of the girl inside every woman. Often listen to your need- that’s whispering for some more care and attention to yourself. Our life revolves mostly around three things- Self, Marriage, Family and Kids. But in an attempt to keep everybody happy and healthy, we often forget to take our good care and end up being exhausted and frustrated. Sometimes even a to-do-list goes on and on and we don’t get time and energy to dress up good. Surprisingly we don’t even remember what  jewelry or cosmetics we have gotten recently or about the new clothes that we haven’t worn in all these months. 

Sometimes the same old methods to look good can turn uninteresting. This is not because we don’t expect to look good, but we don’t find time to change our way of dressing up. Being well-dressed not only influences other’s opinion towards your style and taste, but this also lifts your mood to feel good about yourself- once again! It’s really fun to look attractive and fashionable once again.
The best way to keep your negative thoughts busy is by changing your focus to what you like, and not by being, “A Woman of Many Roles.”

Stress and Anger Management sounds very theoretical, and may not be interesting to practice them always, but such easy small steps can improve your present conditions. Rather than swinging along with your emotions, learn to take control of them from the beginning. Find small easy ways to ignore your negative thoughts. Learn to destroy your anger, depression or frustration.  I have discovered few inane ways to do this. I would like to share with you all:-

1. Try spending time and arranging your cosmetics, beauty products, jewelry, favorite accessories. I get so much satisfaction when I spend time looking at my fashion stuffs. I love to clean my Closet, arrange my clothes, shoes, jewelry and beauty products, especially when I am feeling very low and depressed. This gives me a positive energy to dress up beautifully or look beautiful. I get elated by the thought that, I have so many more things to use, and be myself. I get my inspiration back to laugh and stay happy. 

2. Color Every Corner Of Your Life. Easy way to do this is by putting fashion cut-outs on the wall, coloring your bedroom with colorful stickers, often going shopping and kind-of browsing new arrivals, decorate bathroom with beautiful colors or stickers, include bright colors in your day-today-life etc. 

3. Sometimes Look Different by adding something new to your wardrobe, like; scarves, printed and colored pants or high heel shoes, which you have never ever worn! There is no age to do and wear what you haven’t. I believe in it!!

4. Feel Happy About Who You Are and How You Look. You may be different in many features than your friends, but never wanted to accept the fact and feel good about that. Take time to understand yourself and you will be surprised to find out: how amazingly different you are!!

5. Don’t stop collecting your style favorites. You will always receive compliments and best feeling comments from your girlfriends. Women always love to see different style and beauty statements. This will not only inspire others to follow you, you will also feel good about yourself.

About The Author :
Epsita Mahapatra 

I am an aspiring self-help writer. I love writing on topics like; Motherhood, Parenting, Motivational, Self-Help, Emotions and Relations, Happiness, Change and Challenges. I am not only a believer in Positive Thinking, but also live my life by this formula- “There is always a Possibility to Change, If You Want To Change.” I am on a mission to Change Lives through Understanding and Positive Attitude.Learn More..

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