How to Get Your Teen Interested in Reading

When your children are young, getting them interested in reading is easy but as they get older sometimes that interest disintegrates. Between the reading required at the Jr. High and high school lever, plus the homework reading for fun is often last priority for teens. This time is crucial in a teen’s life, and as a parent you can help revive their interest in reading. These tips can help you get started on getting your child’s love of reading back.

Let Them Choose:
Since reading is required at school, often times teen find that they can’t relate to the material they are reading. For example teen girls may find it hard to relate to books that center around male characters or authors. Spend time with your teen looking through different book options and show them the variety available when it comes to stories and characters. Allowing them to explore, sample and choose what interests them will help reading become enjoyable again. 

Talk to Your Teen:
Of course, you know how important reading is but teens tend to lose interest in hearing the same rhetoric over and over. Talk to your teen in terms of what’s in it for them, for example they can become an expert in their favorite subject whether its sports or fashion. Reading is a great cure for boredom, and an escape when they want to relax. Try to avoid pressuring them too much it may cause teens to further withdraw from having an interest in reading. 

Make it Fun:        
Teens will be more likely to want to read the more fun you can make it. Try making it social and getting your teen and a few of their friends to gather once a month for a book club. It can become a fun time for them to socialize and talk about different books. In addition to this, you can subscribe your teen to a magazine. The articles are shorter but it is still reading and the excitement of receiving it once a week or month will grow teen’s interest in reading. 

Be Patient:
It’s important to remember that sometimes no matter what you try, your teen still may not find reading enjoyable. Often times during this part of life teens go through a phase where they seem less interested. Give them a little time, and if they still aren’t interested then try again. Refrain from being upset until you know if the situation is permanent or not.

While these suggestions can help get your teen interested in reading, make sure that you are setting an example and showing a genuine interest in reading as well. With a little time and patience, you’ll have your teen back to reading!
About The Author :
Maria L Hughes is a children’s book enthusiast, parent, and online publisher for She enjoys blogging about reading and children'sbedtime stories.

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