Six tips to take good care of your New Tattoo

When you have a new tattoo on your body, Face you are filled with an excitement but you should be absolutely aware of the fact that you need to take great care of it. Usually people are aware of body painting but still they forget to pay attention to it. Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to do after getting a fresh tattoo.

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 Don’t Remove the Bandage Soon
Tattoo artists cover tattoos for a reason. It’s there to keep the wounds safe from airborne bacteria. These bacteria can invade the wounds of tattoos and cause serious infection. Open flesh is the best breeding place for bacteria. Let the bandage be there for at least two hours so that it’s not infected by bacteria. You will feel like removing it out of the excitement of new tattoo but you must wait for some time. You can show it to your friends later. However, if your tattoo artist has covered the tattoo with saran wrap or any kind of plastic, you must remove it immediately. They It can harm the wounds badly. It’s better to keep your tattoo open rather than suffocating it with a plastic wrap.
     Wash It Gently
After removing the bandage, you must wash it gently. It’s very imperative to clean any ointment or blood left on the area. Make sure that the water to be used is lukewarm. Then take a mild liquid antibacterial soap to clean the tattoo. You mustn’t use any washcloth or any other abrasive thing. Use your hands for the best cleaning. In case you feel that your tattoo is slippery or slimy, there’s a possibility that it’s oozing plasma. Remove the plasma to make sure that it doesn’t dry and form any scabs. Then pat dry the area with a soft and clean towel. You don’t have to rub the towel. Apply a good quality ointment over the area. It’s better to use A&D enriched solutions.

Specialty Products
There are lots of specialty products available in the market like Tattoo Goo or H2Ocean which can be used after having a tattoo. You can make a choice as per your inclination. All the instructions that come along with the product must be observed carefully so that there’s no problem down the line. Later, keep the tattoo clean. If you want to use lotion instead of ointment, make sure it’s not fragrant or dye based.

 While Contacting with Water
You don’t need to worry about tattoo getting wet but you avoid soaking it. It’s better to avoid submerging it for two or three weeks. But showering is absolutely fine. In case you get some soap or shampoo over your tattoo, wash it away instantly. Swimming should also be avoided for around two weeks.

 Scabbing and Peeling
A few days after getting a tattoo, you feel observe some peeling and a little scabbing. If it’s excessive, you need to take some substantial steps but if it’s just normal, you shouldn’t panic. Take a warm and moist compress and apply it on the scabs for approximately 5 minutes. Do it two or three times a day and the scabs will come off.

 Protection from the Sun
When your tattoo is properly healed, you need to protect it from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet Rays fade and damage tattoos very quickly. Whenever you feel like enjoying the sun, apply a quality sunblock on your tattoo. Your tattoo will last for long by protecting it from sun this way.

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