4 Autumn Footwear Models for this Fall

Since we practically said goodbye to summer and stored our beautiful sandals and shoes in our closets, it’s time to check out the magazines and the shops for trendy and sexy footwear in order to be prepared for the cold season. Winter has its own trends, and it is not here yet, but we need to have in mind it too when going shopping. You will see that this season comes with some new trends, while revitalizing some old fashionable models, as history and fashion seem to repeat themselves from time to time. Let’s see four sexy options we can try this fall.

1.      Animal print high-heeled shoes
If the summer was all about nude shoes, strappy sandals and metallic adornments, this fall brings back an old fashion tendency that we might find even in our closets, saved from the last years: the animal print. Huge among Hollywood celebrities and easy to find everywhere from dresses to trousers and tops, the animal print didn’t ignore the shoe industry either. For cold (but dry) early fall days, high heeled imprinted shoes can compliment any office or even gala outfit. You can opt for a classic leopard style or a black – and white mix you can further match with black leather or suede. And if you found an older pair somewhere in the closet, bring it out and assess its value, as nothing is more trendy now than a combination of vintage and new to enhance your natural elegance.

2.      Over the knee boots
Back in fashion too, the long boots, together with the medium ones make any woman look and feel sexy, by making their feet look thinner and sexy. The long boots can come in different materials, from the hot black leather to suede and knit. High heels always make a woman look tall, slim and foxy, but flats can also compliment a chic girl, especially if she chooses comfortable and trendy boots in earthly colors, such as tan or champagne. Reef boots come in a large variety of suede, or knit and don’t forget about buckle details or metallic adorns.

3.      High soled shoes with laces
They are comfortable and sexy and they can be worn with almost anything. If medium or long boots go great with short dresses or stretch jeans, the high soles shoes can also make a beautiful pair with some vintage trapeze jeans and a light top. Black leather or nude are among the great choices, as they can match a large number of outfits. Don’t ignore the earthly colors, as they are trendy even in the make-up fashion, so burgundy, old dark wine, shades of brown and bronze, tan and champagne, they all make wise fashion choices.

4.      Men’s shoes
It wouldn’t be the first season in which women’s fashion revolves around men’s shoes and accessories and manly – inspired shoes make great office or street wear, as they are comfortable and even sexy if you choose the right ones. Jackets, hats and gloves can make beautiful accessories if you’re the type of girl with a soft spot for out-of-the box outfits.
Being sexy and attractive is an attitude which can be put in value by some wisely chosen outfits, trendy make-up and footwear. And just because it is going to snow soon, this doesn’t mean we have to hide our beauty behind thick layers of clothes. On the contrary, we can make the best out of them to put us in greater value.

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