Important Questions to ask potential Sperm Banks

When it comes to selecting a potential sperm bank for your pregnancy, there are a few questions you need to ask. Choosing your potential bank is just as important as choosing your donor when it comes time. Using these tips and questions to ask yourself and the sperm bank can help you to choose the right one to work with. Remember these when it comes time to interview or research potential banks for your future child.

Are they accredited?
There is a strict policy that banks must go through to be accredited by the AATB, the American Association of Tissue Banks. Not many of the sperm banks around have done this and so you want to find one that has submitted to this stringent process. You want to know that they not only hold up to their guidelines but that they have been accredited and inspected.

How long has it been around?
Experience is important especially when it comes to making a new life. You want to know that your sperm bank is experienced and has been around a while before you choose to use them.

Do Doctors Own and Operate?
Take a look at who owns and operates the facility. You want there to be a high standard of ethics and responsibility in the facility. Make sure you ask who owns the facility and how much involvement they have.

How in depth is the donor screening?
Your donor choice will be a little easier when you know that they have been screened in depth and that there are no hidden dangers. Genetic screenings and infectious disease tests should be made available to you when you are choosing your donor.

Does the bank charge donors differently?
Some banks may decide to charge a donor differently for items like a preferred blood type or personality trait. Some do not and only charge everyone the same as they are all considered equal. You want to be sure you know their processes and how they handle donors.

What about an open donor program?
When your child reaches 18 they may want to contact their father. If so does your sperm bank of choice allow that? Be sure to ask them as the child may eventually want to know where they came from, what diseases run in the family and other questions. You want to know this upfront so that when your child is old enough you know how to answer those questions.

What about genetic counselors?
Does the sperm bank you are considering employ them full time or are they just consultants? This is important as they provide critical information on screening donors and helping to know what factors may play into your child’s life. You may want to go with a sperm bank that has these employees as a full time status and not just as a consultant.

These are just a few of the questions you need to consider when you are choosing your sperm bank location. Not all sperm banks are considered equal and you want the best for your family. Be sure to ask questions and research each choice to make sure you are making an informed decision. 

About the author:

Tess Young shares a few items that you want to consider when choosing your sperm bank location. Keep these in mind as you make one of the biggest life decisions you will make, bringing in a new life. Be sure to check with California Cryobanks to see what options they have to offer you as well.

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