Five Dental Bridges Benefits That Can One’s Lift Self-Esteem


You are missing a lot when you have a missing tooth/teeth. It’s not a good laugh until you open your mouth wide and free for the sound of happiness to pop out.
Back in the day, edentulism (toothless) is a hopeless case. It is as if you are cursed to cover your mouth for eternity every time you want to laugh. Tight-lip smile will be your trademark in every photo. Worse, you have to bear with mockers from time to time.

The dawn of cosmetic dentistry has signaled the end of these kinds of torments. Dental bridge is an example of technology that emanated from this development. It is a permanent implant that will make you feel like you never lost your tooth at all (except that you may have to shell out a good amount of cash).

A dental bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth with a false tooth that will be anchored by the remaining teeth. There are three types of dental bridge:

·          Traditional

This is the most common type of bridge that makes use of porcelain or ceramics. There is an implant on either side of the missing tooth and a pontic. Pontic is a part of the dental bridge that replaces the missing tooth or simply, the false tooth.

·          Cantilever

This type is for patients that do not have both teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Cantilever is normally used for those with missing front tooth/teeth.

·          Maryland
Imagine a flying tooth and you have a picture of the Maryland type of bridge. The “wings” are made of metal and each wing is bonded to your existing teeth.

You may be a candidate for any of these, depending on the circumstances. Bridges or implants are becoming a popular choice for a number of reasons such as longevity, stability and strength. There are several providers that offer dental bridges in Temecula.

But, what do you really get out of these implants?

1.      Picture-perfect smile

Exaggeration aside, a dental bridge can revive your self esteem that you lost years ago when you still have a complete set of pearly whites. It’s difficult to flash a wide open smile knowing that the next day you will be the laughing stock of your Facebook friends tagged in your photo.

2.      Brings back eating pleasures

The absence of the molar can greatly affect chewing. This is where the grinding happens. If molar is missing grinding is done using the front teeth, which can cause chipping.

Having implants at the molar region will mean that you can now already eat food that you were deprived of before such as peanuts, almonds and cashews.

3.      Resolves issues on speech articulation

Teeth play a major role in speech. There are letters in the alphabet that will require the tongue and lips to make contact with the teeth to properly pronounce the sound.

The “fricative” consonant sounds that may be affected by missing tooth/teeth are d, l, j, s, t, x, n and the combined sound of ch and th. P, f, v and b may also be mispronounced especially when front tooth/teeth is/are missing.

4.      Controls teeth from drifting out of position

The neighboring teeth have the tendency to lean on the resulting gap that could eventually alter the bite. The bridge will fill in the gap. It can stabilize your bite and help prevent problems with the jaw.

5.      Prevent gum disease and tooth decay

The gap is where food usually sits in. Although regular brushing can wash away residues, the hard to reach areas may not be residue-free. This can eventually cause gum disease or tooth decay.

Dental bridge would fill in this gap and protect the exposed gums. If you are worried that implants might damage your gums – it will be secured for the next three to six months until implants fuses to the bones (a process called osseointegration”.

Depending on your need, the cost for this procedure may vary. If you have a dental insurance, chances are, a portion will be covered. If not, you can sign up for a loan.

You owe it to yourself to ensure that you maintain proper oral health all the time. You cannot put a price to freely interacting with people, smiling without covering your mouth and just being 100% confident with the way you look.

It’s Your Turn

Have you undergone any dental cosmetic procedure? How did this process become a positive change in your life?

Tell us how maintaining oral health has restored your self-esteem back from the dead. Share you stories, experience and insights at the comment box below!

We’d love to hear from you.

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Adam Prattler enjoys blogging about his great experience with medical and dental professionals. This makes him a go-to guy when it comes to finding cosmetic dentistry procedures and dental bridges in Temecula.

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