Nervous For Your Next Date? 4 Tips To Make A Good First Impression

Going on a first date can be a harrowing experience for a variety of reasons, but mainly because a “first impression” is of such great importance. However, there are things that you can do to be more well-prepared to give a good first impression on that first date. The following tips will serve as a basic guide to set one up for success.

Like Your Appearance

The most important way to make a good first impression is to exude confidence, and in order to do this you must like your appearance. Thus, the first tip is to have an outfit that you look good in. Trying on a couple of different outfits and asking others for their opinions is a good place to start in order to find something you look good in. Once you have found a suitable outfit that you look good in, you’re halfway there when it comes to exuding confidence.

Go to the Gym

The other half of the equation in regard to coming off and being confident is being in a relaxed mindset. A good workout at the gym before the date will clear your mind, reduce stress, improve your mood, and also help you feel that you look good. Being in the “after workout” mindset will also help you come off more naturally, which is key when it comes to dating (instead of trying to be someone you aren’t).

Have a Creative Plan

Another key to making a good impression is to have a plan, and when it comes to this area creativity will get you bonus points. Instead of just dinner and a movie, why not do something more out of the ordinary? The food and culture section of has many articles that could provide ideas for out of the ordinary activities.

Be on Time

Even if everything else is going for you, if you are late it is impossible to make a good first impression, so being on time is paramount. Plan ahead to account for uncertainties (such as traffic).

Not all first dates go well due to compatibility issues, but following a few guidelines will increase the chances of things going well. These basic guidelines are: wear something that makes you like your appearance, get a good workout in before the date, have a creative plan, and be on time. You never get a second chance on a first impression, so following these guidelines may be more important than you think.

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