Preparing Your First born’s Nursery

The excitement and joy of being first-time parents come with a lot of responsibilities. Among them is preparing the nursery. Arranging where the newest member of the family will stay usually involves designing one of the existing rooms into a place that’s fit for the cutest baby boy or girl. And it takes just a little stretch of the imagination to create it.

If you’re not considering hiring a professional interior decorator, it’s perfectly fine. You can always take the DIY route. Read the basic pointers below to help you start off your planning and preparation.


There’s traditional partiality toward hardwood flooring as the greenest and cleanest floor covering suitable in a baby’s room. But wall-to-wall carpeting ranks as the safest for infants and older children primarily for its comfortable, nonslip texture. Carpet has the ability to absorb sound, making the room conducive to peaceful sleep.

Be guided by your senses when determining when it’s time to replace the old one with a new carpet. The unsightly signs of wear and tear and the permeating smell of mildew in the room are just a couple of indications that a replacement is needed. And while you may opt for intensive cleaning, think carefully. Chemicals used in many thorough carpet cleaning procedures are often harmful to an infant’s health. This is why it would be better to just change the carpet to a new one if the dirt, stain, etc. are too stubborn to eliminate by regular cleaning procedures.


It’s important to choose furniture perfect not just in design, but also in size to avoid clutter in the room. If you’ve got a small space, using multipurpose furniture is your best option. For example, choose a crib with bottom drawers to store essential baby items. A diaper-changing table that’s also a dresser is a familiar item in baby shops and furniture stores, because many parents find it very useful and space-saving.

You’ll never have enough storage and organizers when you’ve got a baby in the house. Install hanging cabinets to utilize overhead spaces while keeping the room attractive and functional even as the infant grows older. Use brightly colored shelves that are not only delightful to the baby’s eyes but are also smart ways to keep the room neat and orderly.


Having a theme will help guide you in having a cohesive room design. It will also make choosing furniture and even beddings easier for you.

Gone are the days when the baby’s sex dictates the color of the room. Today, there are a variety of chic colors and themes that are just appropriate regardless of gender. But if you love a classic, you still won’t have a hard time realizing the traditional nursery you’ve always wanted for your baby. You’ve got a whole array of options from the timeless category, such as fairy tales, Hollywood glamor, farm, carnival, etc. Or you can create a theme built around a surprise color or a particular place and era – that means a nursery in gray and pink or all about the vintage New York.


Unlike any regular room in the house, the nursery will require at least 3 different types of lighting. A night lamp is needed to subtly illuminate the room as the baby sleeps. Another lighting fixture will accentuate the overall theme of the room and can also be used to focus when trying to look at things more closely. The last one has to be installed overhead for everyday use.

Ride on the thrill of expecting your precious bundle of joy as you prepare everything that the little one needs. Transforming a room into a lovely nursery may be challenging, but it surely will give you much delight once you see your baby settled in it.

About the Author - Raquel Merc is a writer and a homemaker. She’s recently contributed a variety of articles on home management and improvement. These include tips and ideas on practical matters like gardening, interior design, and even kit homes

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