5 Reasons to Have Kids

There are a lot of people in the world who reserve the right to not have children. Most of those who have children disagree on this decision and can sometimes be outright belligerent. Those who don't have children are quite susceptible to the horror stories of caring for this miniature life-form. Until you experience it for yourself, the elation that accompanies parenthood can be worth more than all of the free nights at your favorite club.

1. Going Out - Visiting friends at the club or a bar is an enjoyable experience for many adults. Without the need to rush home for the child, you are free to do a great deal of partying while with your friends. However, the responsibility of having a little one could keep your head balanced and help prevent you from putting yourself in dangerous situations. Besides, hanging out with your child can be nearly as entertaining as they're comments and ideas are completely off-the-wall and beyond humorous.

2. Sleeping In - Without having to worry about a child, you can sleep in as long as you want at any time. If you want to stay in bed all day long, that is your prerogative. However, having to sleep and awake at responsible hours in order to care for your child can help keep you in good physical condition. Wouldn't you be more productive if you went to bed at a reasonable time and started your day earlier?

3. Finances - One of the biggest concerns when faced with children is the cost of raising them. You may feel that you want to be able to spend your money on what you want without the child's needs being considered. However, raising a child isn't nearly as expensive as many parents may experience. Coupons, discounts, and sales will be your driving force and the money you can save can keep you from going under. At any rate, the tax-breaks alone more than make up for any losses throughout the year.

4. Worldly Stresses - Many individuals would rather not raise a child in an environment such as our own. As schools are constantly targeted, children abducted, and threats of war loom heavily above us it's hard to stay positive about life's outlook. However, we need educated and raise decent children if the world is going to improve. As long as we are committed to the development and education of our children, the mistakes of the past can be avoided for a brighter future.

5. Personal Space - It's nice to have your own apartment without worrying if the sockets are child-protected or if the cleaning chemicals are locked away. It can be quite liberating and relaxing to not have to worry about anyone other than yourself. However, it can melt your heart when your 6 year-old tells you that you are, "the best parent in the universe." It's an experience that is difficult to describe when you are living for your children and the positive influences that are developed. He or she is a part of you and all you want to do is hug them until they pop.

You shouldn't have to be talked into having children. You'll either want them, or you won't. Pressure to have children may only make you miserable in the long run. However, you should make your decision based on knowledge and information and not what others "warn" you about. Child rearing isn't nearly as harsh as some parents make it out to be. Personal experiences will weigh heavy on a person's opinion and not all situations are the same.

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