Trouble Shooting Tips For Avoiding The Common Grilling Mistakes

Grilling is a cooking method that gives food a unique smoky flavor. It's been around ever since man learned that cooking food taste better than eating them raw. Despite its rather long history with humans, grilling is an art, and not everyone is a grill artist. Done right, a griller can produce tender, juicy food that tittilates the palate. 
While women may rule the kitchen (as a general rule), men are more likely to be drawn to grilling. This may be the reason why there are many common mistakes that are committed in the grill, because men hate to ask for directions. To avoid the embarassment of serving poorly grilled food, here are some tips to help every avid griller.

Commandment # 1: Do not use a lighter fluid
Yes, it's the easiest way to start a fire, but using a lighter fluid incorrectly leaves a chemical taste on the food. Instead use a coal igniter or kindling or newspaper. However, if you have no other alternative but to use one, wait for about half an hour before putting the food on the grill to let the fumes burn off. 
Commandment # 2: Prepare for grilling always
Set up a preparation table beside your grill and lay out everything you need before turning to your grill so that you don't have to run back and forth to the kitchen. Fire is a demanding mistress, you need to give it your full attention. Otherwise, it might burn your food.
It's also important to clean the grill properly so that your food will not taste gritty. Run a wire brush before putting the grill on fire, then again once it's heated, and a final once over after grilling and before putting it away for the next use. 
Commandment # 3: Flavor your food
While cooking food on its own is great, its even better if you use marinades, rubs or sauces to add flavor and texture to the food. Without them, food can taste bland. Marinades and oil will help seal the moisture, while a rub can create a crispy outer crust. 
Commandment # 4: Use enough fuel
Don't be stingy when it comes to fuel, especially with a charcoal grill. In fact, its better to have more fuel than less in the case of grilling. Spread them at least 2 inches beyond the outer boundaries of your food. If you need to replenish them, wait for them to turn ashen gray before resuming. 
Commandment # 5: Do not leave fire unattended
Fires are unpredictable and therefore needs to be closely monitored. You are bound to have flare-ups from the oil and fat drippings which will leave the meat charred. Keep a water bottle handy and spray out the flare ups. Keep your eyes out for uneven grill heat due to clogged gas jets. But clean them before you start grilling.
Commandment # 6: Learn the science of grilling
Air temperature, wind velocity, fuel, weather and type of grill turn out different results. Know when your food is done, because once overcooked, there is no going back. Grilling times are rarely accurate so you should keep an eye on your food. Test frequently for doneness with an instant-read thermometer.
Commandment # 7: Have your diners stand at a ready
It's best to eat grilled food while its hot because it will lose its chewiness once it gets cold. Of course you should not eat them immediately. Meats for example, should stand for at least five minutes to let the juices settle. Some foods will continue to cook even after its taken out of the fire.
Commandment # 8: Oil your food before applying the seasoning
This will prevent the meat from sticking to the grill and tasting like metal. Olive oil is the best oil because it not only prevents sticking, it also adds flavor. Remember commandment #2 and clean the grill before grilling.
Commandment #9: Spread out your fire
Build a fire and spread the hot spots around so that you will have enough space to move your food around. You do not want to pack them like sardines because it will affect the evenness and doneness of the food.
Commandment #10: Have fun and relax
It's not a competition (unless it is!), so go ahead and sip a drink while tending to the fire. Grilling is a social activity that should bring family and friends together. Be that as it may, do not stray away from the fire. A few minutes away could mean a charred disaster. 
Master the art of grilling by adhering to the commandments of grilling. A well-grilled food is a feast by itself.
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