Celebrating The First Wedding Anniversary? How To Make It Memorable

Traditions are no longer what they used to be. This phrase is repeated so often that it has started looking quite normal to us all. It has even become something like certain norm of behavior and even denial of some rituals associated with various celebrations, which have been imposed to us over the years.

Weddings are no longer an exception. In the end, respecting the traditions of this very important day in every person's life still remains a matter of personal choice. However, we must all confess that it would be nice to celebrate your wedding anniversaries with your loved one and make them happy for the fact they share their life with you.

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary

Going to a first-class restaurant, inviting some friends and family for a dinner at home, a special vacation and even a photo-session – there are literally hundreds of ways to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

The truth is that it is not so important how you are going to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, as long as you do celebrate it. Many young couples nowadays to go to a second honeymoon, especially if they don't have children. Others organize a special dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. Some couples, on the other hand, choose to make a dinner at home, where they recreate their wedding day and put on the clothes they wore when they got married. This not only makes the atmosphere more special, but will also provide you with some memories that will last a lifetime.

The first anniversary of your wedding is called a “paper anniversary” or a “cotton anniversary” in some countries. The meaning of the name is associated with the idea that the first year of the marriage is the time when the husband and wife become a real family and get used both to each other and to the everyday rhythm of family life. The best presents for this anniversary are the ones made of paper, such as books, luxury photo albums, bouquets of paper flowers, theater or concerts tickets, or even an reservation for a vacation to some exotic destination.

How can you make your first wedding anniversary special and memorable?

First, take some time to think of the things that happened to you and your spouse during the first year of your marriage. Try to organize a small surprise to your spouse in order to make them feel special and loved. Go somewhere together or have dinner at home – just the two of you. The choice is all yours and depends on the preferences of your couple.

As we have already said, some couples choose to recreate the wedding party they had an year ago, or at least some of the party's elements – they invite some guests, they go on a second honeymoon, or make a thematic photo-session. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to have a great evening with your loved one and show them your love, respect and affection the way you did over the last year.

Are presents an important part of your first wedding anniversary celebration?

It is not necessary to buy something expensive. It is quite all right to prepare a small but symbolic gift, which is romantic and comes from the heart.

  • “The reasons I love you for”

This is a great idea of a present for your first wedding anniversary. All you should do is buy a beautiful gift box and fill it with small scrolls where you have written all the reasons you love your spouse for. We guarantee that such a present can't be left unnoticed and unappreciated.

·         “I love you”

Saying “I love you” has always been considered as one of the most romantic things ever. So, why don't you say it on 100 hundred languages? This present is quite similar to the previous one. Buy a gift box and fill it with small scrolls on which you have written “I love you” on different languages. We guarantee that you will leave your spouse breathless.

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